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How to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website: The Complete Guide

How to Sell Online Courses

How to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

The complete, step-by-step guide for selling online courses in 2018

How to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

You have an online course but you don't know how to sell it. You may even have tried a few sales & marketing strategies but none of them seem to work.

Or, you're still working on creating your online course and want to build an audience to launch your course to once it is ready.

Or, you just have a course idea and you want to make a business out of it.

I know that selling online is not easy and is the #1 thing that course creators struggle with. 

And that's the reason I have created this epic, step-by-step guide where I am going to show you everything you need to know and do in order to successfully sell online courses from your own website.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Start a Blog in 2018: A Step-by-Step Guide

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to build an audience for your online courses and it’s not by chance that so many successful course creators also run popular blogs in their niche.

Blogging can help you drive targeted traffic from search engines as well as social media and thus provide you an opportunity to connect with your potential customers.

If done right, it will also help you establish as an authority who people look up to for advice and would want to learn from.

However, growing a blog takes a lot of time and hard work. Blogging is a long-term game and you won't see results in a few days or weeks.

Online Courses vs Membership Sites: What Should You Create?

Online Courses vs Membership Sites

If you have some experience with online marketing, you must have heard about membership sites and online courses. They are two of the most popular ways of monetizing your expertise online.

Even though they both are digital products and are similar in a few ways, they are two very different business models. They require you to take different approaches to revenue generation, content creation as well as community building.

Before you decide to choose one of these models for your online business, you must understand the difference between the two so that you know what you’re getting into.

6 Scarcity Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Course Sales

Scarcity Marketing Strategies

Scarcity is a marketing technique which is based on the principle of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Simply speaking, it is telling your users that the offer you are presenting is limited and they may not have the same opportunity in the future.

Scarcity marketing techniques can be broadly classified into two categories: limited time (deadline based) and limited number.

How to Track Abandoned Checkouts on Teachable

Track Abandoned Checkouts on Teachable

If you have some experience in selling online, you would know how important it is to track cart abandonment. As per Barilliance, the cart abandonment rate in 2016 was 77.24%.

In other words, over 3/4 of shoppers choose to leave the site without completing a purchase. Even though this statistics is not just for online courses but it still shows how significant an issue checkout abandonment is.

In order to reduce the potential loss from checkout abandonment, you must track and retarget the abandoned visitors. Typically that would involve tracking users via Facebook Pixel or other tracking codes and then run retargeting ads.

But Teachable doesn't allow you to place any tracking code on the checkout pages on the platform and so, it's not possible to track checkout page visits directly.

How to make certificates of completion for Teachable courses for FREE

make certificates of completion for Teachable courses

(Update: Teachable now allows you to create certificates natively on their Professional Plan. If you want to try their certificates feature, you can start a 30-day no-obligation, free trial of Teachable's Professional Plan.)

If you are a Teachable instructor, there is a high chance that you use either Webmerge or Accredible to make certificates of completion for your courses.

However both of these are paid solutions and it might not make sense to use them if you are just getting started or if your course prices are in the bottom range of <$25-$30.

In fact I was working with a client who sells his courses at $15 on an average and that's when I tested Google Slides for issuing certificates of completion.

Guess what, not only it worked but it was as good as the paid solutions that I mentioned earlier.

As a result, I no longer recommend Webmerge and Accredible to my clients . However if you love to pay for tools and still want to use a paid solution like Webmerge, you can follow this guide from Teachable.

How to Create an Evergreen Sales Funnel that Actually Sells

Evergreen Sales Funnel

"It is quite tough to incorporate scarcity into the sales funnel for evergreen courses but at the same time there is hardly any marketing strategy which is as effective in boosting online course sales conversions."

An online course creator has two options for his online courses - you can either leave your courses always open (evergreen courses) or you can close the 'doors' and only open them a couple of times per year.

If you select the second option, building scarcity into your sales funnel is relatively easy and straightforward. 

However if you keep your courses always open, it's tough to incorporate scarcity into your sales funnel. The simple reason is that the visitors don't enter the funnel at the same time and so you would need to create a unique deadline for every visitor.

And don't even think about doing it manually!

5 essential Zapier automation for Teachable instructors

Teachable Zapier Automation

There is a limit to what third party tools Teachable can directly integrate with. In fact it doesn't make a lot of sense for Teachable or for that matter any platform to create separate integrations for 100s of tools out there in the market (especially when new tools launch in the market every day).

Here is where Zapier comes into the picture. Zapier is an automation tool that lets you integrate different apps and make them talk to each other.

You can use Zapier to integrate Teachable with third party applications like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Google Docs etc.

Even though there are so many types of automation that you can create for your school using Zapier, there are a few essential ones which every Teachable instructor should consider using.

Before I discuss these Zapier automation in detail, let's understand how Zapier works.