15 Inspiring Examples of Group Coaching Programs (2024)

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Group coaching is a great way to scale your coaching business. And because it’s a natural progression from a one-to-one business model to a group model, it’s a transition many coaches are making.

But natural as it is, coaches considering a group coaching structure probably have a few questions:

  • With so many group coaching programs, how can you stand out?
  • How can you create a memorable program that initiates significant change for a larger number of clients?

To answer these questions, we’ve scoured the interwebs to find group coaching examples and cohort learning courses that offer unique inspiration and serve as examples you can learn and grow from.

For each example, we’ve identified three specific features we like about it. You’ll also discover why we like those features and gather ideas about how to use them in your programs.

Let’s get started.

1. Any Given Tuesday’s The Cohort

Any Given Tuesday’s The Cohort
Any Given Tuesday’s The Cohort

Any Given Tuesday’s cohort coaching program uses its three core pillars, Crystalise, Create, and Engage, to create powerful messaging for its clients while developing their persuasion and influence skills.

This example isn’t a traditional group coaching program; we would more accurately describe it as a hybrid between a cohort-based model and a membership model. Yet it does include several monthly live calls and a community.

It has a robust ecosystem to support group members, including these features:

  • Private community
  • Self-paced courses and microtrainings
  • Monthly topics, workshops, and masterclasses
  • Hot-seat coaching opportunities
  • References and resource recommendations
  • An annual live event

What we find inspiring about this program is its aspirational feel. Also, dropping new cohort members into an active community offers a rich and fully nurtured environment.

Length: 7 months

Things we like about this program:

  • Aspiration: It’s focused on positive outcomes for the future.
  • Immediacy: It offers immediate access to prepared content.
  • Robust ecosystem: This program provides much more than group coaching sessions. 

2. Nurse Coach Certificate Program

Nurse Coach Certificate Program
Nurse Coach Certificate Program

Many nurses struggle with their growing responsibilities and hours, creating a need for nurse coaches. The Nurse Coach Certificate Program helps experienced nurses make that switch. The training positions them to make a difference for the nurses that live in a reactionary world.

The program inspires us because it is accredited, a great choice for nurses. Now, not all programs need certification, accreditation, or even certificates as lead magnets. Instead, it’s a best practice to offer what makes sense for your clients. And for these clients, who live in a world full of certifications and advanced degrees, an accredited program makes sense.

This online group coaching program also inspires us because it solves a global-felt need. While a coaching program might not address the root cause of a problem as complex as healthcare, it can meet the needs of the nurses who are impacted by it.

Length: 7 months

Things we like about this program:

  • Well-defined niche: This certificate program is for experienced nurses transitioning to nurse coaching.
  • Complete curriculum: The training includes a wide breadth of related topics.
  • Accredited: The American Holistic Nurses Association approves the curriculum, preparing clients to sit for two accredited exams: Nurse Coach and Holistic Nurse.

3. 90 Day Year

90 Day Year
90 Day Year

The 90-day Year program is like a training program with a group coaching component. Clients who join this program receive two tools, the Validation System and the 80:20 Fast Track.

The names of these tools make their value obvious and help clients visualize how they can compress annual planning into 90 days.

  • The Validation System: This system helps clients validate services or products within two weeks.
  • The 80:20 Fast Track: This tool helps clients discover the critical components to execute their plans more quickly.

One of the best features of this program is that it succinctly targets three clearly communicated outcomes for each module. This structure and level of focus helps the coach and the clients stay on target.

Also, clients who pay in full receive a 45-minute one-on-one session with one of their coaches. Few group programs offer this type of bonus, and most group coaching clients would greatly appreciate it.

Length: Self-paced

Things we like about this program:

  • Tools: The tools included with this program accelerate project planning.
  • One-on-one bonus: A one-on-one coaching session for those who pay in full.
  • Clear outcomes: The program succinctly communicates what clients will learn by detailing three clear results for each module.

4. Roundtable Catalyst

Roundtable Catalyst
Roundtable Catalyst

The Roundtable Catalyst program equips leadership “catalysts” with the mentoring skills they need to lead groups through change initiatives in a corporate setting.

This approach is brilliant because its aim doesn’t attempt to develop leadership skills, an unfocused goal that’s frequently interpreted differently by everyone. Instead, it tackles one of the most challenging tasks for leaders — managing people during organizational change.

Honed leadership skills are practically a side effect.

This example can inspire group coaching programs by reminding us to address the challenge or situation rather than a skill set. For example, a job coach might consider creating a program that addresses self-talk before job interviews instead of mindset or interviewing skills.

Length: Unknown

Things we like about this program: 

  • ICF certified: The program offers CE credits.
  • Modeling: The program’s setup lets clients experience group mentoring, the skill it teaches.
  • Change management: The focus of the program tackles a complex challenge for corporate leaders.

5. Business By Design

Business By Design
Business By Design

Cohort courses offer so many exciting features that you can use, and Business By Design is no exception. This once-a-year program puts a lot of emphasis on its launch.

Every year, the program improves and expands. When comparing newer and smaller group coaching programs to something as big as Business By Design (BBD), it’s important to remember that it didn’t start like this.

The secret is to launch with what you have today. All the energy is devoted to creating your coaching program in that first launch. And with every subsequent launch, you can commit that same amount of energy to expanding, innovating, or tightening it for even better results.

Once the group coaching has ended and before you launch the next cohort, consider how to improve the program for the next iteration.

Length: Self-paced

Things we like about this program: 

  • Launch based: This program is one of the best examples of a launch model.
  • Iterative: The program continues to improve each year.
  • Tools: Business by Design includes 12 process maps and 20 step-by-step processes.
  • Platform: The founder uses Kajabi to run his entire business, including BBD.

6. Building a Second Brain

Building a Second Brain
Building a Second Brain

Building a Second Brain answers the anxiousness we all tend to feel in a world of information overload. Tiago Forte’s cohort course helps clients create a system for organizing information. This system acts as a second brain. 

Since this program helps clients build a system, it’s no surprise it also systemized the program launch. Coaches talented at engineering processes will appreciate this program’s example.

Tiago’s second brain system is the genius part of his program. And the framework he built to coach people to use his framework is easily duplicated by others.

  • System: He uses a repeatable method for coaching cohorts.
  • Community: He uses Circle as his community platform.
  • Choice: He offers a choice between a self-paced course and a cohort.

You might find his system worth checking out so that you can coach your genius content.

Length: 4 weeks

Things we like about this program: 

  • Repeatable: His program is a short, tight, repeatable system.
  • Platform: He uses Circle’s ready-made platform.
  • Tools: He includes several templates and checklists with step-by-step instructions that make his system easy to incorporate.

7. The Artist’s Mindset

The Artist’s Mindset
The Artist’s Mindset

The Artist’s Mindset is a group coaching program designed to help creatives tap into their creativity. Though the topic is mindset, a seemingly recurring theme, it’s refreshing to see it applied to something interesting — art.

Cheryl Taves works with artists of all kinds to help them overcome fear and resistance. She incorporates experiential assignments and integrates play.

The outcome is that artists will continue to be consistent in their art, so they work through barriers and become aware of the continuous themes in their work.

Length: 12 weeks

Things we like about this program: 

  • Play: She incorporates a sense of joy in her program.
  • Experiential: She presents assignments as experiments, reducing the risk of failure.
  • Focus on consistency: This focus lets artists build rapport and continuity with their gifts.

8. You Are a Badass

You Are a Badass
You Are a Badass

New York Times bestselling author Jen Sincero’s group program is perfect for fans. You Are a Badass helps readers apply what they learned while sharing in a group program.

Her program uses accountability and self-belief to help people accomplish various goals. It’s streamlined, so it only includes a few tools, including worksheets, trackers, meditation, and motivational audio MP3s.

For coaches who need to capitalize quickly on content that’s gone viral, like a best-selling book or video series, Jen’s program is a great example. It’s a simple program that provides fans with what they want — aligned content and more access to Jen.

Length: 8 weeks

Things we like about this program: 

  • Simplicity: The simplicity is a good fit for her content and her purpose.
  • Action focused: This program is 100% focused on taking action toward goals.
  • Audio motivation: She drops these weekly, which can raise the client’s anticipation.

9. Print School

Print School
Print School

Polly Payne’s Print School is a group coaching program designed for those who want to publish paper products, like planners, journals, or workbooks. Several years ago, Polly started her own printing business to create, print, and sell her annual planners.

Now she shares her industry knowledge with her group coaching program, helping others avoid the mistakes she made.

Her coaching program moves through these six stages:

  1. Ideation: Clients sketch out their ideas and organize them.
  2. Design: Clients choose all the design aspects of their printed products.
  3. Printing: Clients speak the printer’s language and get quotes.
  4. Marketing: Clients discover strategies to launch their products.
  5. Selling: Clients sell to cover the up-front cost of their printing.
  6. Fulfillment: Clients choose from the three strategies for running their business.

One of the most fabulous elements of this group coaching program is that she includes the first sample printing. This feature lets her clients get a tangible printed product. And she shares who she uses to print her products.

Length: Two years

Things we like about this program:

  • Tangible: The program includes sample printing from a trusted printer.
  • Templates: The program includes several templates for planners and workbooks.
  • Options: Clients can hire her group to do all the work or purchase a one-on-one coaching call for extra assistance.

10. The Book Incubator

The Book Incubator
The Book Incubator

Aspiring authors can join the Book Incubator, a year-long group coaching program that includes training, group coaching calls (two different types depending on whether you’re writing or revising), and expert feedback on your draft.

And while this program offers the first lesson for free, the twist is that it’s only available for those who’ve been prescreened. Prescreening eliminates 60% of the applicants because they’re looking for serious and committed writers.

Length: One year

Things we like about this program: 

  • Length: The program is long enough to complete and sell a book regardless of where clients are in the process.
  • Results focused: The program helps clients get their books published through a traditional publisher.
  • Application: The first lesson is free to selected applicants. This prescreening could be helpful for other coaches.

11. Decide and Conquer Bootcamp

Decide and Conquer Bootcamp
Decide and Conquer Bootcamp

Decide and Conquer Bootcamp is a group program for women with type 1 diabetes and aims to help them “radically experience ownership of their life again.” It’s a program created by women, for women.

This program inspires us in the way it sets up expectations for its future clients. It isn’t seeking victims of diabetes but instead attracts powerful women that want to take control of their lives.

Here are two ways it’s done that:

  • The program name, Decide and Conquer, underscores the client’s pivotal role in deciding to change.
  • The “This is for you if…” section describes a “woman on a mission to take control of her T1D.”

One interesting facet of this program is that, according to the website, clients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can use their Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for this coaching.

Length: 12 weeks

Things we like about this program:

  • Tone: The program feels uplifting and hopeful. It infuses a sense of power.
  • Multiple coaches: The program includes six expert coaches who all have type 1 diabetes.
  • Roadmap: The program has a clearly defined roadmap.

12. Love Life Transformation

Love Life Transformation
Love Life Transformation

So many outstanding and effective group programs are results focused, yet some, like Love Life Transformation, must focus on the root instead. This program, designed to help millennial women with their love lives, doesn’t focus on finding dates but begins by healing their relationships with themselves.

Since most clients signing up for this program may feel lonely and loveless, the program offers a “quick win” by inviting them into a nonthreatening community of like-minded women. This community allows them to experience love and acceptance almost immediately and allows for relief from the drive that might distract them from the root causes of their feelings.

Other coaching programs that address core needs like love and acceptance could use this same strategy of providing an immediate sense of relief for clients so they have time to work through root issues.

Length: 14 weeks (lifetime community)

Things we like about this program:

  • Root focused: The program focuses on root causes, not symptoms.
  • Accountability: The program includes weekly assignments.
  • Community: The established community is a place where clients can receive encouragement and advice.

13. Project-Based Learning Design Certificate Course

Project-Based Learning Design Certificate Course
Project-Based Learning Design Certificate Course

This program is for teachers, educators, and instructional coaches who want to learn to create and deliver a project-based learning experience to students.

Project-Based Learning Design Certificate Course puts you into a small cohort as you work your way through the curriculum and experience the feeling of project-based learning.

What’s remarkable about this program is that it uses the same methodology it teaches: Clients learn the system as they use it.

As you create and innovate your program, you may want to ask the following questions:

  • Can you shift from teaching concepts to allowing clients to discover them?
  • Can you create a program where clients experience core lessons?

Length: 5 weeks

Things we like about this program: 

  • Experience: Clients experience project-based learning before they create and deliver it.
  • Cohort: The program puts clients into small cohorts, letting them learn from each other.
  • Certificate: Clients receive a certificate worth 16 hours of professional development.

14. Adventure Coaching

Adventure Coaching
Adventure Coaching

Using nature as a co-facilitator is inspiring. In addition to traditional coaching, Dave Urichuck also conducts Adventure Coaching, where he uses the great outdoors to coach clients through self-discovery and creating life plans.

This program inspires us to think outside the online group coaching box.

  • Are there any inspiring places nearby where you can coach a local group?
  • How can you use your natural environment to initiate talks about your topic?

If you’re in Ontario, Canada, it might be worth checking out how Dave does this.

Length: Varied

Things we like about this program:

  • Low cost: Dave’s low-cost, single-day adventures are open to anyone.
  • Custom: He offers custom packages where clients can choose what type of adventure they want and for how many people.
  • Outdoors: Using nature to get people relaxed and moving makes this a memorable experience. 

15. Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence
Positive Intelligence

The Positive Intelligence program is an app-based coaching program that helps clients create positive change by moving from their saboteur to their sage. It’s full of fun language and illustrations that help clients create conversations around what’s blocking them.

The program includes:

  • Daily practices that help establish neural pathways
  • Weekly teaching videos
  • Community support
  • An interactive app

What’s interesting about this program is its minimal traditional coaching. Instead, the founder uses the app to keep clients accountable and on target, and to deliver content.

Length: 6 weeks

Things we like about this program: 

  • Quiz: The program features a quiz that helps people identify their saboteur types.
  • Language: The program offers simple illustrations and language, like the nine saboteurs, to facilitate understanding and discussion.
  • Support: The program is app based but offers support through the app and community and the formation of pods.


While all these programs offer something that inspires us, it requires more than taking what we love and putting them in a blender to structure a group coaching program. Instead, you must pick and choose the aspects that best support the transformation your clients need.

Furthermore, not all the features we like in a program are something you can do today. While you might aspire to create an app-based coaching program, it’s a better fit for a program in its later stages.

When you choose something you like, consider the following:

  • Which interesting feature best supports the purpose of your coaching?
  • Which interesting feature best supports your coaching model?
  • How will this feature affect the pricing of your coaching program?
  • Will changing your program require you to change its name?
  • Do you see an opportunity to create a secondary group coaching program? 

So which of the programs have inspired you to try something new? Do you see something you can use in your coaching?

Share your thoughts below.

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