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Baidhurya Mani

Founder and CEO


  • Over 8 years of experience in the eLearning industry
  • Authored popular reviews and guides, reaching millions worldwide
  • Consulted over 500 businesses on launching eLearning platforms
  • Played a key role in growing StationX to over 500K students
  • Created and delivered a successful supply chain course


Passionate about online learning and technology, Baidhurya founded SellCoursesOnline to equip creators with the right tools and strategies to to create and sell profitable online courses. He has authored some of the most popular reviews and guides about selling online courses, reaching millions of readers worldwide.

Before SellCoursesOnline, Baidhurya ran a digital agency where he and his team helped course businesses launch their own eLearning platforms and market their courses effectively. His client list included notable names such as Drone Launch Academy and

Baidhurya also worked as the Partner Tech and Marketing for StationX for 7 years. During this time, he played a crucial role in transforming the company into a leading cybersecurity training platform with over 500K students.

In addition, Baidhurya created and delivered the highly successful Supply Chain Network Design Course, which has been taken by over 5,000 students.

Baidhurya is an authority on course platforms and all things course creation. His 8+ years of experience in the industry makes him well-equipped to provide practical and insightful content that will benefit readers at all stages of their journey.

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Baidhurya Mani

Hey there! I'm Baidhurya, the brains behind SellCoursesOnline. I used to run a digital agency, where I helped course businesses launch their eLearning platforms. I also led the tech and marketing teams at StationX, helping it grow to 500K+ students. In addition, I created the popular supply chain network design course. With 8+ years of experience, I'm here to share my expertise and insights on course creation and platforms with you. LinkedIn →

Baidhurya Mani - Online Course Expert