How to sell online courses from your own website: A complete beginner’s guide

How to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

Do you want to sell online courses from your own website?

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything that you need to learn and do in order to get started?

Don't worry, most course creators getting started face the same issue. And this is the reason I have created this epic, 10,000-word step-by-step guide to help you start from scratch.

In this guide, I’m going to show you everything you need to know and do in order to start selling online courses from your own website.

Let’s dive right in.

21 of the Best Online Course Platforms (and Counting)

Best Online Course Platforms

Online courses are a rapidly expanding industry and will continue to grow as more and more students turn to online learning. This is terrific news for anyone who wants to share their knowledge with others and make a profit.

In addition, the technology has made it really easy for you to host & sell online courses and so, the barrier to teaching online has come down significantly. 

Dozens of course platforms exist, and each one can offer you something different. The best online course platform for your needs will depend on things like the content of your course, tech knowledge, your target audience, budget and ultimate goals.

In fact you now have so many options that figuring out the right online course creation software can become pretty confusing and frustrating.

Teachable vs Thinkific: The Ultimate NO FLUFF Review

Teachable vs Thinkific

Teachable vs Thinkific Summary




Site Design & Customization

Sales & Marketing

Course Delivery & Engagement

Customer Support

Teachable Logo

What I like about Teachable over Thinkific?

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    More Powerful Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • arrow-right
    Highly Optimized 1-Step Checkout Process
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    1-Click Upsells
  • arrow-right
    Better Students Discussion Capability
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    Has an iOS App

What I like about Thinkific over Teachable?

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    Powerful Site Themes
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    More Powerful Quiz Elements
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    Inbuilt support for course reviews

There are a number of online course platforms that allow you to create, sell and market online courses under your own brand name. Some notable ones include Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, Zippy Courses etc.

Teachable vs Udemy for Selling Online Courses

Teachable vs Udemy

Teachable and Udemy are the two most popular options to create & sell online courses and if you're interested in selling courses, you will need to answer the Teachable vs Udemy question for yourself.

To help you answer this question, I have created an infographic (this is the first infographic I've created on this blog and I'm sure you'll love it) that compares the two online course platforms based on specific criteria.

6 scarcity marketing strategies to boost your online courses sales

Scarcity Marketing Strategies

Scarcity is a marketing technique which is based on the principle of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Simply speaking, it is telling your users that the offer you are presenting is limited and they may not have the same opportunity in the future.

Scarcity marketing techniques can be broadly classified into two categories: limited time (deadline based) and limited number.

Teachable vs WordPress: Which is a better platform to create & sell online courses?

Teachable vs Wordpress
Teachable vs WordPress

Which is a better platform for selling online courses?

Pros of Teachable over Wordpress

  • Easy to use & setup (No coding skills required)
  • Better User Experience
  • 'Zero' Updates & Maintenance
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • More Flexible Pricing
  • More Scalable

Cons of Teachable over Wordpress

  • No support for LMS features like elective/required courses, SCORM compliance etc.
  • Less customizable compared to WordPress
  • WordPress has more powerful blogging capability

Who should use Teachable over Wordpress?

  • Those who have little or no coding experience
  • Those who have no prior experience in selling any sort of digital products
  • Those who have been selling on WordPress but are facing technical issues too often
  • ​Those who don't have a course site yet and don't want to spend months creating one

Who should use WordPress over Teachable?

  • Those who require advanced LMS capabilities like SCORM compliance
  • Those who already have a course site on WordPress and it's working fine
  • Those who have required technical skills/support to take care of updates & maintenance and can cope without 24x7 support

"The question that I hear most from those interested in selling courses online is whether they should use WordPress or a hosted platform like Teachable."

How to Create an Evergreen Sales Funnel for Your Online Courses

Evergreen Sales Funnel

"It is quite tough to incorporate scarcity into the sales funnel for evergreen courses but at the same time there is hardly any marketing strategy which is as effective in boosting online course sales conversions."

An online course creator has two options for his online courses - you can either leave your courses always open (evergreen courses) or you can close the 'doors' and only open them a couple of times per year.

If you select the second option, building scarcity into your sales funnel is relatively easy and straightforward. 

However if you keep your courses always open, it's tough to incorporate scarcity into your sales funnel. The simple reason is that the visitors don't enter the funnel at the same time and so you would need to create a unique deadline for every visitor.

And don't even think about doing it manually!