Teachable Pricing (2020) – Which Plan is Right for You?

Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable is one of the best online course platforms out there and it’s not hard to understand why it is so sought-after among course creators.

It is pretty easy to use, has reasonable pricing and offers all the important features you need to deliver an engaging online course.

Having said that, I always find creators getting confused with Teachable pricing and I am often asked about what pricing plan they should start with.

The reason is that Teachable has four different pricing plans and they all vary from each other not only in terms of features and pricing but also things like transaction fees and payout options.

So, I decided to create this ultimate Teachable pricing guide, where I am going to explain what the different pricing tiers offer and how they vary from each other.

If you’re considering using Teachable as your course platform, but are still not sure about which plan to choose, this guide will help you make that decision.

Let’s dive right into it.

Teachable Pricing Overview

Teachable offers four different plans and here I’ll try to explain the cost of each of these plans briefly:

  • Free plan – ($1 + 10% transaction fee)
  • Basic plan$39/month or $348/year (5% transaction fee)
  • Professional plan$119/month or $1,188/year (0% transaction fee)
  • Business plan$499/month or $4,788/year (0% transaction fee)

So, Teachable gives you both monthly and annual payment options. While the annual option can result in significant savings, I’d still recommend that you start with a monthly plan.

Teachable Pricing: How much does Teachable cost?

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that in addition to the monthly/annual cost, Teachable charges a transaction fee on your course sales on certain plans.

In terms of features, all the plans including the Free plan allow you to create unlimited courses and host unlimited videos and other content. You can even include basic quizzes in your course and enable in-lesson discussions.

Moreover, you get access to the basic features like the ability to create a sales page, process payments, charge EU VAT as well as manage your students on all plans.

While there is no limit on the number of students you can have in your school on the paid plans, Teachable recently introduced a limit of 10 students on the Free plan.

This limit is too low and so, the Free plan can be a good way to just get yourself familiar with the platform and set up your courses. But as soon as you are ready to start selling your courses, you’d need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Teachable Free Plan Quote

Apart from everything that the Free plan has to offer, there are a ton of other tools and functionality that are available on the different tiers. So, let’s get into the details of each of the paid plans and also discuss who should use them.

(If you don’t know about how Teachable works and in fact, you’re not even sure whether it meets your requirements or not, you should first check this Teachable review.)

Teachable Basic Plan and Who Should Use It?

The Basic Plan, which is priced at $39/month, comes with a reduced 5% transaction fee and has much more to offer than the Free plan in terms of features as well.

To start with, you can have an unlimited number of students in your Teachable school on the Basic Plan.

In terms of features, important features like the ability to use a custom domain, create coupon codes, drip course content and email your students are available on the Basic Plan.

Moreover, you can integrate with several third-party tools (e.g. ConvertKit), both natively and via Zapier. For example, if you want to add someone to your email service when they purchase a course in Teachable, you can do that.

Finally, you’ll get access to TeachableU which has several premium training courses for course creation and marketing, as part of your subscription.

Teachable pricing full

However, one important thing that you should be aware of is how payment processing works on your school on the Basic Plan.

The only option available to you for payment processing is the Teachable Gateway where Teachable is the merchant of record and it accepts payments on your behalf.

So, the money first goes into Teachable’s Stripe/PayPal account before it is paid out to you. If you’re in the US or Canada, you can be paid out immediately for the credit card payments. Otherwise, Teachable will pay you out every 30-60days.

One advantage of using the Teachable Gateway is that you can enable BackOffice — an optional suite of services as part of which Teachable will take care of certain admin tasks like paying affiliates and authors automatically as well as collecting and handling tax forms from them.

Though, keep in mind that the BackOffice suite comes at an additional 2% fee which means you’ll be paying a total of 7% transaction fee on the Basic Plan if you decide to use BackOffice.

Despite all the limitations, the Basic Plan offers the essential features creators would need for their online courses and so, if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great place to start on Teachable.

Who Should Use the Professional Plan?

Teachable’s most popular pricing plan is its Professional Plan, which costs a fixed monthly fee of $119/month but it doesn’t charge any transaction fee and has much more to offer than the Basic Plan.

So, it comes with several extra features such as graded quizzes, course completion certificates, advanced course reporting tools, course compliance, affiliate marketing, white-labeling, etc. 

On top of that, it supports the advanced Zapier integration which allows you to perform certain actions in your Teachable school based on events in other apps.

For example, if you use a platform like Clickfunnels for selling online courses, you can use the advanced Zapier integration to add users to a Teachable course automatically.

However, the #1 reason why creators switch to the Professional Plan from the Basic Plan is the ability to use the Custom Gateway in addition to the Teachable Gateway for processing payments.

The Custom Gateway allows you to use your own Stripe/ PayPal account on Teachable and so, the money from your course sales goes into your account immediately. 

Another plus is that you can add up to 5 admin-level users in your school compared to just 2 on the Basic Plan.

Finally, if you’re on the Professional Plan, you also get live chat support apart from the email support option which is available on all the plans.

So, if you need any of the features that we have discussed in this section, the Professional plan will be the right plan for you.

Now, it may happen that you don’t need any of these additional features but even then, you might want to upgrade to the Professional plan when you hit a minimum revenue threshold. 

Let me give you an example. Say, you’re selling a course priced at $100 and you’re on average doing 15 sales a month.

So, you would be paying 5% of your revenue as the transaction fee along with the $39 monthly fee which comes out to be 15*(5% of $100) + $39 = $114/month. 

Now, this is clearly more than what you would pay for the Professional Plan ($99/month) and in this case, it would make sense for you to upgrade.

Who Should Use the Business Plan?

The fourth Teachable plan is the Business plan. Priced at a steep $299/month, it offers a few additional features such as Power Editor, custom user roles, bulk import of students, and the ability to keep up to 100 admin-level users.

The Business plan of Teachable will only be needed by those of you who are running something like an online course marketplace, a university course program, or a corporate training platform — basically, anything that requires you to keep a relatively large number of authors or owners in your school. 

For most of you, the Professional plan is the only plan you’d ever need and even as you continue to scale your business, you’ll not need to switch to the Business plan, except when you need the specific features mentioned above.

(If you want to see the complete list of Teachable features available on each of the plans, you should check this comparison chart.)

Teachable Pricing – Final Verdict

In this Teachable pricing guide, we’ve covered in detail how each of the plans are priced and what each of them have to offer. 

So, you should have a clear idea of whether Teachable pricing works for you or not and which plan will be right for you. But let me summarize my recommendations for you here.

Teachable’s Professional Plan is their most popular plan and has almost all the features that the platform has to offer. So, if you’re serious about your online course business, you should go with this plan.

However, if you’re new to the world of online courses and are on a tighter budget, you can rather start with the Basic Plan. It has all the basic features needed for creating and selling an online course and should work well for you in the beginning.

Their Free Plan is extremely limited and will work only while you’re creating your content and setting up your course. Similarly, most people won’t need the Business Plan.

I hope this guide helped you decide on Teachable pricing. If you have any questions about it or got some feedback, please let me know in the comments below.

Teachable Pricing FAQs

There are a few common questions that I often asked about Teachable pricing and I’ll try to answer some of them in this section:

Does Teachable charge a transaction fee?

Yes, Teachable charges a transaction fee of $1+10% on their Free Plan and 5% on the Basic Plan. There is no transaction fee on either the Professional Plan or the Business Plan.

Does Teachable put any limit on the number of students or courses you can have in your school?

Apart from the Free Plan where there is a limit of 10 students, all other plans allow you to have unlimited number of students in your school. However, you can create an unlimited number of courses on all the plans.

How does payouts work on Teachable?

On Free and Basic Plans, Teachable collects payments on your behalf and pays you out after a delay of 30-60days. The only exception is if you’re in US/Canada, you have the option of instant payouts for card payments.

On Professional/Business plan, you can integrate your own Stripe/PayPal account so that the money goes directly into your account without any delay.

Does Teachable have a money back guarantee?

Yes, Teachable has a 30-day money-back guarantee wherein you can get a refund within 30 days of your payment.

Do I need a credit card to start a Teachable trial?

To create a free account on Teachable, you don’t need a credit card. But if you want to try or upgrade to one of the paid plans, you’ll be required to enter your credit card details.

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