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How to Choose a Perfect Name for Your Facebook Group (Tips + Examples)

The sheer number of Facebook groups speaks to two irrefutable facts: Facebook groups are a great way to build an online audience, and they can be used to generate income. Many creators even manage multiple groups for different purposes or levels of access.

So, with so many existing groups, how do you get a perfect group name? How do you stand out?

The name of your Facebook group can do a lot for you and your group members. It may communicate a purpose, a unifying theme, or a result. In every case, choosing the right name can make a difference in whether someone clicks your join button.

While using our Facebook group name generator is an essential first step, we’ve also provided seven tips to help you find the right name.

1. Check Out Your Competition

Before you try the Facebook group name generator, look at your competition. Our statistics show that Facebook has no shortage of groups. The group names that stand out will be those that describe what makes them different.

Look for the terms that make your competition stand out. They can inspire you to describe what makes your Facebook group different based on your approach, values, or experience.

You can analyze the competition using generic search terms like men’s fitness.
You can analyze the competition using generic search terms like men’s fitness.

Do you see the unique, descriptive words in this list of men’s fitness groups? From health, beauty, and mindset, to brotherhood, anabolic, and age groups, these words attract attention and target the group’s audience directly.

A few groups missed this opportunity by sticking with a generic name. Don’t be like them.

Put your group’s topic into the search box and ask these questions.

  • What groups stand out?
  • What words do they use to make them unique?
  • What noteworthy words describe your approach, values, or experience?

Once you decide on a name, use the search engine again to ensure there’s not a group that already has that same name. If there is a group with your desired group name, you can tweak it to be different, or you can try another option.

2. Clarify What Your Group Is About

The best Facebook group name illuminates the group’s purpose. So before you start your group, clarify its purpose. Knowing what your group wants to achieve is essential to its success. Without a clear sense of purpose, a group fizzles.

Identifying a purpose can also be a vital part of choosing a name. Many Facebook groups include their purpose in the group name. This clarity sets expectations for new members and eliminates any confusion from the outset.

Write Your Book in 5 Days is an example of clear purpose in a name.
Write Your Book in 5 Days is an example of a clear purpose in a name.

Not every Facebook group needs to stuff its purpose or set expectations in the group name as clearly as Write Your Book in 5 Days Five-Day Challenge. However, choosing words like mastermind, challenge, or support group help communicate the intent of your group to the Facebook user you want to attract.

Compare these three names:

  • Healthy Cooks Mastermind
  • Healthy Cooking Challenge 
  • Healthy Cooking Support Group 

Each is about healthy cooking, and yet each distinguishing word sets a different expectation. Similarly, you can create the right expectation with a few words.

3. Include a Description of Your Ideal Member

Visualize your ideal group member to inspire your Facebook group name ideas. If you want your ideal client to notice that your Facebook page is just for them, try describing what makes them special. Look at these Facebook group names and see how they’ve called out their clients.

  • Freedom from Corporate through Entrepreneurship
  • Me and My ADHD 
  • Sail Through (Peri to Post) Menopause
  • Single Dads with Daughters
  • Moms of Foster and Adopted Children

Specifying who the group is for in the group name serves as a Bat-Signal to draw in the right group. When your ideal member sees what makes them special, they anticipate being understood. 

Brides on a Budget is an excellent example of a Facebook group named for its audience.
Brides on a Budget is an excellent example of a Facebook group named for its audience.

4. Increase Searchability With Keywords

Any Facebook group that wants to appear in search results must include keywords in its name. While there are some advantages to running an exclusive, secret Facebook group, most group owners want the traffic that searches generate.

The proper search term is usually simple enough to generate on your own. It might have terms like adoption, men’s health, ADHD, or single dads. But for Facebook groups that want to attract beginners, an expert can be too close to the topic to think (or search) like someone new.

Knowing the terms your ideal clients use to search for your topic can inspire you to include those keywords in your group name. While those terms may not be precise, using them can make your group more visible. 

Get Found on Google might attract people who need SEO but don’t know it.
Get Found on Google might attract people who need SEO but don’t know it.

5. Include the Brand Name (If Applicable)

For Facebook groups meant to support a brand, like a podcast, software, or author, it’s vital to include the brand.

If the brand is yours, make it an “official page,” like these examples:

  • Boss-Moms®: Group by Boss Mom Dana Malstaff
  • Canva Design Community (Official): Group by Canva
  • Cricut – Official: Group by Cricut 
  • Clients & Community™ Daily Client Acquisition for High-Ticket Coaches

These groups use ™, ®, or Official in their names because there are many groups with similar terms or fan-run groups.

If your group focuses on supporting a brand you don’t own, like Microsoft Excel or WordPress, use the brand name and what makes you different. For example, Create and Sell Canva Templates.

The Official Kajabi Hero Community Facebook group identifies itself as a group by Kajabi.
The Official Kajabi Hero Community Facebook group identifies itself as a group by Kajabi.

6. Use Insider Terms

If your group is one among hundreds, using an insider’s term can catch the eye of your ideal audience and communicate credibility. This tip is exceptionally helpful in discriminating between the popular crowd and faithful fans.

It acts like a secret handshake.

Here are some examples of how groups use insider terms to stand out:

  • Some use TARDIS instead of Doctor Who.
  • Some use Little Monsters instead of Lady Gaga.
  • Some use Platform 9¾ instead of Harry Potter.
  • Some use INTP instead of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Insider terms like this will inspire team spirit and attract new members like moths to a flame. Another option is to make your group even more exclusive or invite-only by changing the settings on your group to hidden. The only people on Facebook who can see a hidden group are current members, former members, and anyone you’ve invited.

Here’s where you can change this setting in your Facebook group.
Here’s where you can change this setting in your Facebook group.

7. Include a Special Event

If you’re hosting a live event, like a master class, challenge, or launch, you have two great options:

  • Host the event in your existing group.
  • Host the event in a pop-up (temporary) group.

If you host the event in your existing group, you can change your group name to include the event details. For example, a group like Healthy Living with Autoimmune Disease might change it to Healthy Living with Autoimmune Disease|Plant-Based Masterclass May 22–24, 2023.

Facebook lets you change your group name every 28 days. That gives you time to inform everyone about an event you have planned.

If you do this, change the graphics as well. Active group members get notified whenever you update the names and cover graphics.

Pop-up groups generate a lot of activity and require a lot of energy to maintain. However, once the event is complete, you can pause the group and walk away. Members can still access the content but cannot comment or post.

This One Client Away group changes its name and graphics to support every new event.
This One Client Away group changes its name and graphics to support every new event.


Using the Facebook page name generator is one of the first steps to naming your group. Use the remaining tips to ensure it reflects the right feel and attracts your ideal member.

Ask yourself these questions during your name search.

  • What are my successful competitors doing to stand out?
  • How can I distinguish my group from the crowd?
  • Is it beneficial to make the purpose clear and set expectations?
  • Who is my group for?
  • How do they refer to themselves?
  • How can I include a brand name and still stand out (if applicable)?
  • Do I want to attract insiders or outsiders?
  • What generalized terms might people search for?
  • How would my ideal member react to this potential name?

May your Facebook group be as unique as your Facebook group name.

Be sure to check out our community name generator for more ideas or for naming communities that aren’t hosted on Facebook.

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