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Welcome to SellCoursesOnline, the #1 resource for creators to build a thriving knowledge business. We create in-depth reviews so that you can pick the right platforms without the hassle. We also create expert guides to help you build awesome products and market them online.

Our Mission

There are over 50 million online creators out there, but only a fraction of them make a true living from their content. We believe that selling knowledge products like online courses and membership sites is the best way to make a real income in the creator economy.

Our mission is to empower creators with the right tools and strategies to get started and grow their businesses. We aim to fulfill this by providing reliable advice, in-depth guides, and unbiased reviews.

Our Story

The first version of SellCoursesOnline.com was a digital agency—Teachific Lab—run by our founder, Baidhurya Mani. He and his team worked with numerous creators and businesses to build their eLearning platforms and market their online courses.

While running the agency, Baidhurya saw firsthand how most people struggle with the tech side of things. And the internet was full of fluffy advice and even misinformation.

So, he transformed SellCoursesOnline into a one-stop resource for creators and entrepreneurs to find the right tools and grow their online businesses.

Since its inception, our reviews and guides have been read by hundreds of thousands of creators and have saved them both time and money, and we’re proud to continue our mission to help as many people as possible.

Our Team

At SellCoursesOnline, we are a team of experts with years of experience in eLearning, technology, and digital marketing. Our passion is to share our expertise with you and help you build a thriving knowledge business.

Our team members hail from all corners of the world, bringing with them diverse perspectives and unique skill sets. But what unites us is a shared commitment to helping you succeed.

Baidhurya Mani

Baidhurya Mani - Online Course Expert

Baidhurya is the founder and CEO of SellCoursesOnline. With extensive experience in the course industry, he has consulted many seven-figure course businesses. He is also the Partner Marketing at StationX, where he has played a key role in growing it into a leading cybersecurity learning platform.

Kate Nash

Kate Nash is a senior content writer who loves writing about designing amazing courses and coaching programs. She has over 18 years of experience as an instructional designer, during which she created a diverse range of training and leadership development programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Ana Gajic

Ana Gajic Tech Writer

Ana is a tool tester and reviewer at SellCoursesOnline. She specializes in course builders and community platforms and has written dozens of guides and reviews for the site. Prior to this, Ana worked as a content writer for leading platforms like 99firms and TrueList.

Michael Hegglund

Michael Hegglund Course Creation Expert

Michael previously worked as a content writer for SellCoursesOnline, where he wrote expert guides for creating courses and membership sites. Michael has 20+ years of experience in the education industry and assisted hundreds of instructors in bringing their course ideas to market.

Brady Cook

Brady Cook Author

Brady briefly worked as a marketing writer for SellCoursesOnline. He proudly describes himself as an efficiency freak with a strong passion for digital marketing. He is also experienced in side hustles, including writing Kindle books, Amazon FBA, and managing affiliate sites.

Our Research Process

Our commitment to impartial advice distinguishes us from other websites. Unlike our competitors, we have an in-house team of experts with a combined experience of 30+ years in the course creation industry.

Our team subjects each platform to an elaborate research process where we evaluate the platform on 60+ key features and aspects to provide accurate, unbiased reviews.

This process also includes real-world testing, where our team members create a website on each platform, assessing its performance based on features, pricing, and usability.

To ensure that our research is credible and up-to-date, we frequently review the platforms for updates and new features and adjust our reviews accordingly.

Above all, we aren’t cheerleaders for any company. Regardless of the platform, we always strive to be transparent and share both the positives and negatives.

For a more detailed insight into our research process, check out our guide on how we conduct our platform research.

How We’re Funded

SellCoursesOnline is reader-supported. When you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For example, if you read our Kajabi review and then sign up for the platform after following a link on the page, Kajabi will pay us a small commission.

However, we strive to be completely unbiased in our reviews and are committed to providing only the best and most relevant advice to our readers. We never promote products just for the sake of an affiliate commission.

In fact, our success is directly tied to your satisfaction. Most platforms pay us a commission after free trial and money-back periods, so we only make money when you are happy with the software. That’s another reason for us to take our reviews very seriously.

For more information on how we make money, please read our affiliate disclosure.

What to Do Now?

Thanks for taking the time to learn about SellCoursesOnline. Whether you’re here for reviews or our expert guides, our team is excited to help you take the next step in your online journey.

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We hope you enjoy our content and find it helpful. If you have any suggestions to make the site better, we’d love to hear from you.

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