13 Brilliant Podia Examples: Courses & Websites to Inspire You

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Are you interested in selling digital products through Podia but unsure how the platform will fit into your tech stack?

Since setting up and running a platform is a huge time investment, you must pick your provider carefully and understand how to use it correctly.

To help you with this, we explored hundreds of Podia courses and websites and shortlisted 13 unique examples showcasing the platform’s fantastic features and how you can use them.

These examples belong to different niches, sell different types of digital products, and deploy different monetization strategies.

Without further ado, let’s look at the Podia examples.

1. Swim University

Swim University is a blog that educates readers on the best maintenance and care practices for pools and hot tubs.

They do this through their WordPress site, which houses many articles, including how-to guides, recommended product reviews, and tips and tricks.

To monetize their audience, they sell online courses through Podia.

They offer four video-based courses on pool care and hot tub care, and the price of individual courses ranges from $49 to $97.

In addition to individual courses, they also offer bundles. For example, their most popular bundle—Total Pool Care Course Bundle—allows potential customers to buy all four courses for a single price.

Swim University’s Total Pool & Hot Tub Course Bundle
Swim University’s Total Pool & Hot Tub Course Bundle

Online courses are the most popular product type on Podia. Undoubtedly, the platform’s many features that help create an engaging learning experience contribute to its popularity as an online course platform.

2. Sound Mind Investing

Founded in 1990 by Austin Pryor, Sound Mind is a company focused on teaching students how to invest using biblical principles.

Their main offering is a program called Multiply, which is available in multiple formats. You can buy the physical book or the DVD version through Amazon, while the eBook and the online course are available through Podia.

They use Podia’s online course product type to deliver the video program and the digital download type to offer the PDF guide. And then, they use the bundle product to sell the video and the PDF together.

Sound Mind Investing’s Multiply Program
Sound Mind Investing’s Multiply Program

This is an excellent example to follow if you want to create multiple tiers for your program. Podia’s bundle feature allows you to sell multiple products together and create tiered access.

3. Steady Sales

Run by Sheldon Snodgrass, Steady Sales is a website focusing on improving insurance agents’ sales skills.

On their Podia website, they offer a diverse range of products, which include the following:

  • A six-module course focused on sales techniques
  • PDF downloadables that help clients keep track of their progress and goals
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions for personalized advice
Steady Sales’ Podia Website
Steady Sales’ Podia Website

Steady Sales takes advantage of the fact that Podia supports various product types. Here are the supported product types:

  • Online Courses
  • Community
  • Digital Downloads
  • Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Bundles

4. Painthog

Painthog is a free acrylic painting resource for beginners. Their website contains articles that guide new painters in developing and improving their skills.

Robert Joyner, the founder of Painthog, also teaches several online courses through the Podia platform.

His Podia website has dozens of standalone online courses priced between $49 and $129. In addition, he offers four course bundles priced between $299 and $1,499.

Although this sounds expensive, the high-ticket bundles allow him to organize multiple courses on the same topic and sell them for a premium price.

To counter the objection to the higher prices, Robert uses Podia’s payment plan feature, which allows customers to split the cost over three payments. This is an effective way to increase customer conversion rates when selling high-ticket courses.

Painthog, by Robert Joyner Bundle Offerings
Painthog, by Robert Joyner Bundle Offerings

So that you know, Podia pricing is very reasonable, and you can create an unlimited number of courses on all paid podia plans.

5. MikiFoto + Co

MikiFoto + Co is a business focusing on branding run by Mallika Malhotra, an expert on brands and mentoring.

Her work revolves around helping individuals with brand visibility through her membership community, The Brand Attraction Society. Other products she offers include a video course, social media content prompts, and e-books.

The Brand Attraction Society takes service providers through a 12-week mentorship program that develops a clear branding message for businesses.

During the program, members have access to bi-weekly coaching calls, branding training courses, and an online community.

The Brand Attraction Society Membership Page
The Brand Attraction Society Membership Page

Podia has all of the features that a membership business owner may need: you can create a community, online courses, coaching sessions, digital downloads, etc.

If you’re planning to build a membership site, Podia is a good option, and if you need inspiration for what to include in your membership, you should check out The Brand Attraction Society’s sales page.

6. The Gutsy Boss

Becky Mollen Kamp offers several programs under the brand—The Gutsy Boss

She offers a self-paced online course, a coaching program, and a community-based membership.

Her membership program—The Gutsy Boss Club—includes:

  • An online community
  • Gutsy Boss self-study program
  • Live coaching calls
  • A resource library
The Gutsty Boss Club membership
The Gutsty Boss Club membership

An online community is a key to the success of your membership site, and Podia offers a native community builder. It allows you to:

  • Use an online community as the base for your Podia membership. You can create multiple plans for your community and decide what to include in each plan.
  • Easily organize your community. You can set up topics of conversation to keep your community focused and the discussions organized.
  • Create multimedia posts with videos, texts, images, and almost every type of embedded media.

If you’re looking to build a community for your course or membership and want everything in one place, Podia will be a good option.

7. Folyo

Folyo is an innovative company that focuses on helping web design companies gain more clients.

Since agencies often struggle with finding new clients, Folyo aims to solve this problem by offering a membership subscription, a video training course, and digital downloads.

Their main product, Agency Leads Pro, is a membership subscription that delivers 500+ client leads per year. The company charges $97/month for this service; in return, members receive potential clients’ contact information that matches specific qualifying criteria.

In addition to delivering leads, they also offer their members access to software products, email templates, and outreach strategies.

Folyo’s Agency Leads Pro
Folyo’s Agency Leads Pro

Interestingly, they use the community feature to deliver the leads. The community is organized based on the types of work and is one of the most innovative use cases of Podia’s community feature.

8. Advocacy Alley

Advocacy Alley by Jessica Wilson is a site dedicated to helping people build confidence and learn self-advocacy.

She uses Podia to run her online coaching business. She offers two different programs:

  • Email Only Support, where she provides ongoing support via email
  • Advocacy in Action, where she offers eight weekly one-on-one coaching calls
Advocacy Alley coaching offerings
Advocacy Alley coaching offerings

Podia allows you to create and sell coaching sessions without limits on the number of clients you have or the length of your consultations.

If you want to offer coaching in addition to online courses, you can use Podia for it.

And if you’re looking for an example of a successful coaching site using Podia, you should check this out.

9. Simply Stacie

Simply Stacie is a recipe blog that also sells digital products. Blog visitors who want to make a purchase are redirected to the Podia site.

Here, Simply Stacie offers 13 products, all of which are PDF downloadables. The products include logbooks, meal planning binders, recipes, and many types of calendars.

All the products are low-ticket items that range in price between $1.99 to $9.97.

Simply Stacie offers digital downloadables through Podia
Simply Stacie offers digital downloadables through Podia

If you’re looking to sell just digital files, Podia will be a great option. You can sell one digital product even on Podia’s free plan.

This is a good place to start if you’re just getting started and not willing to commit to monthly payments. Then, once you need more digital products, you can upgrade to a paid plan, starting at $39/month.

10. Sketchnote Academy

Sketchnote Academy by Emily Mills is an online education business focused on helping people learn to sketchnote.

This is one of my favorite Podia examples, and there are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, Sketchnote Academy uses every product type supported by Podia. They sell digital products, online courses, 1-on-1 coaching, webinars, and an online community.

Secondly, I love the look and feel of their website and the sales pages. The course sales pages are very well designed and look elegant.

While Podia’s page builder isn’t the most flexible in terms of customization capabilities, it is super easy to use, and you can create a sales page like this very quickly.

Sketchnote Academy Sales Page
Sketchnote Academy’s course sales page

Finally, they use Podia’s live chat feature to allow their visitors to send a message to Emily and her team.

Overall, I love how they keeps things simple. Sketchnore Academy is using Podia to its fullest potential and for running a major part of their business.

11. Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer started as a personal blog of John Sonmez but has gradually evolved into a brand focused on helping developers and programmers have a better career and life.

They offer a bunch of paid products, including eBooks, online courses, and digital toolkits. While their main website is built on WordPress, they deliver the products through Podia.

However, what’s unique about their approach is that they have built their product sales pages on WordPress, and they use ThriveCart for handling payments and checkouts.

As a result, their Podia website doesn’t have anything about the products in the frontend. Instead, when you visit their Podia site, you’ll just see a call to action to log in.

Simple Programmer’s Podia website
Simple Programmer’s Podia website

If you want more control over your sales page design and the checkout process, you can use specialized solutions like Simple Programmer. And then, you can add your customers to Podia using Zapier.

12. Social Fresh

Social Fresh is a social media consultancy and conference company. It has hosted 29 conferences in the past 13 years, and the most interesting part is that they use Podia to sell the on-demand version of its conference.

When purchasing ticket passes, customers can buy by making one payment of $697 or two monthly payments of $357.

Social Fresh Conference On-Demand Sales Page
Social Fresh Conference On-Demand Sales Page

While Podia isn’t a virtual conference platform, many creators use it to offer on-demand access to their summits and conferences.

Moreover, Podia has a webinar feature, which allows you to create webinars and manage registration on the platform, while you can use YouTube Live or Zoom for live broadcasting during the webinar.

13. Best Selling Year

Shalena Broaster is the woman behind Best Selling Year. This online business is focused on helping niche experts build a successful coaching business.

Her primary monetization method is selling online courses and offering a private coaching program.

However, the standout thing about her business is that she offers many free resources, such as a workbook, classes, and a series of pre-recorded webinar videos. This is her main strategy for lead generation.

Podia allows you to offer your products for free, which is a great way to build an audience.

Best Selling Year’s free offerings
Best Selling Year’s free offerings

Another interesting thing is that her entire website is built on Podia. So that you know, Podia has decent website-building capabilities, and many creators use it to build a full-fledged brand website on the platform.

Podia Examples Wrap Up

That’s all for now. We’ve covered 13 unique Podia website examples, all using the platform in a unique way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how these businesses use Podia’s features to sell different types of digital products and services.

If you’re interested in exploring the platform in more detail, you should check this detailed Podia review.

If you’d like to try the platform, you can start a 14-day Podia free trial.

We’d love to know your favorite Podia example and why, so drop it in the comments!

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