11 New Zenler Examples: Courses & Websites to Inspire You

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New Zenler is a feature-rich platform that allows you to create, market, and sell online courses and membership websites.

But if you need inspiration to design your course website, you should check out these 11 Zenler examples. These include some of the most successful online courses and websites built on the platform.

We’ve combed through dozens of websites to find the best Zenler examples to showcase in this review. Each one contains highlights and key features to give you an idea of what’s possible on the platform.

So let’s dive in and get inspired.

1. Baadsvik Online Academy

Baadsvik Online Academy is dedicated to anyone who wants to master the tuba. It was created by Øystein Baadsvik, a world-renowned tuba soloist who has a YouTube channel with over eight million views.

While their main website uses WordPress, the online academy runs on New Zenler, where they offer several courses.

Øystein’s flagship program is Complete Tuba Method,  which contains videos, PDFs, and quizzes. The course also comes with a members-only community hosted on Facebook.

Complete Tuba Method’s landing page
Complete Tuba Method’s landing page

One unique thing about Baadsvik Online Academy is that it uses Zenler’s flexible product pricing options to offer several plans for its courses. For example, students can pay upfront for the full course, or they can choose monthly installments.

2. Cheri Timko

Cheri Timko is a licensed couples therapy consultant who created a New Zenler website to help couples repair their relationships.

Her website features different products, including courses, workbooks, and coaching sessions, and their landing and checkout pages are all built on New Zenler itself.

Cheri Timko's products page
Cheri Timko’s products page

The site also has a blog, which is also built on New Zenler, and features dozens of articles about marriage and relationships.

This is a great New Zenler example for a couple of reasons.

First, it showcases how you can use it as an all-in-one platform to run your entire business. Zenler has features for not just building your products but also for marketing them through blog posts, email marketing, and funnels.

Second, Cheri delivers self-paced courses as well as her coaching programs through the platform. New Zenler lets you create one-on-one and group sessions and has powerful livestreaming features on its paid plans.

3. The New Zenler Education Hub

One of the best New Zenler site examples is the platform’s tutorial website, the New Zenler Education Hub. It features various resources to help users grasp the platform’s features, including online courses, live sessions, and blog posts.

The good thing is that the website uses all things New Zenler. This means you can get an idea of how the platform works by visiting this website.

Anyone can join the member’s area and enroll in the courses for free, so you can see how the student experience looks in real life since the courses use the same student interface that all users use.

New Zenler course player
New Zenler course player

The courses are also available through the New Zenler mobile app, so you can easily see the mobile app experience too.

4. CryptoExplorer Pro

CryptoExplorer Pro is a cryptocurrency-oriented website that helps people find their way around the crypto space. It uses courses and a community to teach people about blockchain, investing, and Bitcoin.

CryptoExplorer Pro sells courses individually but also has an all-access membership site, where users get access to multiple online courses, an exclusive community, and daily updates and trading ideas.

The site uses New Zenler’s flexible checkout options to offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription options. There’s even a free plan with limited access to some resources.

But what we like the most about this website is its clean, elegant design. The site uses a New Zenler templated, but it’s so well-crafted that it hardly looks like a New Zenler site.

CryptoExplorer Pro’s landing page
CryptoExplorer Pro’s landing page

5. Bloom and Grow Academy

Camille Freeman is a licensed practitioner who provides courses and continuing education for herbalists and nutritionists in her Bloom and Grow Academy. Besides selling online courses, she offers 1:1 coaching sessions, a podcast, and various free resources.

Her main website is created with WordPress and also hosts product sales pages. But the actual courses are hosted on New Zenler.

When students click on a page to buy a course, they’re redirected to a New Zenler checkout page.

So while New Zenler is an all-in-one platform, it’s still possible to use it together with your existing website, and you can even display sales pages on your original website.

Bloom & Grow’s landing page built on WordPress
Bloom & Grow’s landing page built on WordPress

We also like that Camille’s method of work comprises coaching, mentoring and training via live lessons with recordings, quizzes, certificates, and New Zenler’s community feature. All these components use Zenler’s available features to make the courses highly engaging.

6. Consciously Parenting

Consciously Parenting is a membership website that focuses on helping parents in various fields, including recovering from overwhelming experiences, such as pregnancy and childbirth, and prioritizing self-care.

The site uses New Zenler to present its courses and host the membership community. Besides over 40 courses and a community, the Consciously Parenting membership uses New Zenler’s Live features for organizing live workshops and Ask Me Anything sessions.

Regarding membership pricing, three plans are available, which are priced differently but support the same features. And members can choose between these plans on the checkout page and complete their subscription purchase.

Consciously Parenting checkout page
Consciously Parenting checkout page

7. Dr. Tamara Soles

Tamara Soles is a child psychologist and the author of the podcast—This Hour Has 50 Minutes. The podcast discusses procrastination, high sensitivity, and anxiety in children, among other topics.

And while you can listen to Tamara’s podcasts for free, she also created a great membership model out of it. Each podcast episode is created as a course on New Zenler, and by completing it, students get one CE credit.

Dr. Tamara Soles courses
Dr. Tamara Soles courses

At the end of the audio-based course, students can take the test and receive a certificate. A single course is priced at $17, while the membership costs $70/year and includes access to all podcast courses.

Apart from the podcast courses, Tamara has a full course called No More Power Struggles, which has six modules and dozens of video lessons.

8. Let’s Kode It

Let’s Kode It is a website dedicated to helping people learn test automation. The site offers various online courses covering topics like JavaScript and Selenium.

Interestingly, these courses are also available on Udemy and have over 100,000 students.

Let’s Kode It bundles these courses and includes additional perks like exclusive content, private community, and live technical sessions to command a premium price.

Let’s Kode It bundle landing page
Let’s Kode It bundle landing page

What we also like about this site is how it has designed its homepage to create a user-friendly experience and improve conversions.

For example, the homepage features a big header block with a call-to-action button that takes users to their Test Automation bundle. The URL contains a coupon code, so when a user decides to purchase it, the coupon is automatically applied.

Similarly, it showcases one course with a 100% discount at the bottom of the homepage, which is a great way to collect leads.

9. Civilera

Civilera uses New Zenler to host its courses, while the main website is built using Wix. The site’s main topic is civil engineering, and it educates students about advanced analysis and foundation design.

The site’s courses are mainly video-based, but they also use New Zenler’s learning tools, including quizzes and assignments.

In fact, one of the courses is entirely quiz based, and it’s been created with the platform’s flexible quiz builder. With New Zenler’s quiz feature, you can create graded quizzes and add multiple-choice or true or false questions. You can also time the quizzes and create question banks.

Civilera’s course library
Civilera’s course library

Lastly, New Zenler lets you make quizzes and assignments mandatory, which is a great way to ensure your students have mastered course content.

10. dataskool

Another interesting New Zenler website example is dataskool, which focuses on data science, machine learning, and statistics. The entire website is built on New Zenler and uses a custom domain.

Most of the courses are in English, but a few are in Bengali as well. That’s right; you can create a Zenler course in languages other than English. In fact, the platform supports nine languages out of the box, with the option to add a custom language.

dataskool homepage
dataskool homepage

Lastly, the site offers self-paced as well as cohort-based courses, showing that New Zenler is a good option for teaching live cohort courses.

11. First 1000 Days Australia

First 1000 Days Australia is devoted to Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal children and their health and well-being in the first 1,000 days of their lives.

The main website is created with Squarespace, and it links to the New Zenler site in the header menu, where users will find their online courses.

There are two courses, one of which is a five-module course, and the other one is an online masterclass. While the masterclass is available for purchase separately, it’s available for free as a bonus when you buy the main course.

First 1000 Days Australia’s online courses
First 1000 Days Australia’s online courses

They also have a community, which is hosted on Facebook. It’s a paid community, and the checkout happens through the New Zenler platform.

New Zenler Examples Wrap Up

That’s the wrap-up for 11 new Zenler examples. As we have demonstrated, creators use the Zenler platform in various ways.

From hosting courses and memberships to creating blogs and sales funnels, the possibilities are limitless with Zenler.

We hope these examples have inspired you to get creative with your content and use the platform to make your work stand out.

If you want to get started with Zenler, you can sign up for free today by clicking the button below.

Which of these Zenler examples did you find the most interesting? Are there any features or strategies you’d like to replicate?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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