18 Thinkific Examples: Courses and Websites to Inspire You

18 Thinkific Examples Courses and Websites to Inspire You

You’re interested in creating and selling online courses through Thinkific.

After all, it’s one of the top online course platforms with amazing course creation and engagement features.

But before investing in the platform, you should check other Thinkific examples and how they put its features to use. This will give you an idea of how the platform will fit in your online education business.

So, I went through hundreds of Thinkific courses before shortlisting 18 unique ones. These examples follow different business models, belong to different niches, and use the app differently.

Now, let’s look at the Thinkific examples.

1. Kylie M. Interiors

Kylie Mawdsley is a brilliant interior designer, and she has a blog where she shares ideas on how to decorate your home. Apart from the free resources, she also teaches online courses.

While her main website uses WordPress, the course website uses Thinkific and is on a subdomain.

Kylie M. Interiors

Her courses are one of a kind, where she explains the use of colors for different aspects of interior designing.

There are four different online courses, which one can purchase individually. Kylie also bundles all the courses and offers them together as a full course.

The vital point is that the course landing pages and checkout pages are built on Thinkific. So once someone buys a course, they can immediately access the content, resulting in a great user experience.

This is the most popular way of using the Thinkific platform, where you have a separate brand website/blog and handle all the aspects of course creation and selling through your Thinkific website.

2. The Radical Compassion Institute

Tara Brach is the creator of the Radical Compassion Institute. She is a well-known physiologist specializing in blending western physiology with Buddhist and other eastern spiritual teachings.

Her main website has a store and a resource library and points to her Thinkific website for courses.

The Radical Compassion Institute

Her Thinkific website is pretty simple, having eight courses, out of which one is free, and others are available for one-time fees. There’s also a 40-day mindfulness daily challenge displayed on the Thinkific site.

Plus, she takes a straightforward approach where everything course-related, including sales pages, checkouts, course hosting, etc., is done through Thinkfic.

So, if you are a creator who wants to build a separate course website, this is another excellent Thinkific course example to follow.

Thinkific makes it exceptionally easy to create online courses with their step-by-step process. As a creator, you need to define the curriculum, upload your content, set pricing, build a sales page, and you’re good to go.

3. Kesler Science

Kesler Science is a unique Thinkific example in terms of niche and how it uses the platform to sell online courses. The business is run by Chris Kesler, an award-winning middle school science teacher.

The site offers numerous courses on middle school science topics, such as life science, Earth science, physical science, etc.

However, the important thing to note is that these courses are targeted at science teachers and not students.

 Kesler Science Homepage
Kesler Science Homepage

To access all the courses and live sessions, users need to pay for Kesler membership. There are two payment options available — monthly and yearly.

So that you know, Thinkific allows you to create a membership site with online courses and custom pages. You can also create multiple tiers and have unique content in each of them. In fact, it is one of the best membership site platforms in the market.

4. ConsenSys Academy

ConsenSys Academy offers multiple blockchain development courses.

However, their main offering is the Blockchain Developer Online Bootcamp.It’s an 11-week program having 183 lessons, for which the registration only opens a couple of times a year.

ConsenSys Homepage
ConsenSys Homepage

In this course, they include various content types, including prerecorded videos, live lessons, graded quizzes, assignments, etc. Plus, they offer a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

This is an excellent example of an online course with a strong focus on learning and engagement.

Thinkific offers powerful learning tools, so if you want to create interactive online courses, the platform will work very well for you.

5. Corporate Finance Institute

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), founded by Tim Vipond in 2016, is a renowned training institute providing finance-related courses.

They use the Thinkific platform to deliver their programs and certifications to over 1 million students.

Corporate Finance Institute

On their Thinkific website, you’ll find multiple online courses and certification programs.

However, all these programs are offered only as part of a subscription. There are two plans available, and the users can either choose the self-study or the full-immersion option.

To deliver these programs, CFI uses a variety of third-party apps. For example, it uses Brillium to create advanced exams and Accredible to offer blockchain verified certificates.

This is an excellent example of an online school using the Thinkific App Store to extend the platform’s core functionality to offer full-fledged certification programs.

6. To Love Honor and Vacuum

To Love Honor and Vacuum by Sheila Gregoire is an online school that offers courses to help couples have a spark in their married lives.

Her main website is on WordPress and has the homepage, store, and ebooks section, while the course website is on a Thinkific subdomain.

On the course website, you can find many courses and bundles on different topics related to intimacy and marriage. Sheila has kept her course website interface simple with very few elements.

To Love Honor and Vacuum

What’s unique is that she uses just a couple of content formats in her courses. Most of her content is videos or text-based.

Thinkific course platform isn’t just for creating traditional eLearning programs. Rather many course creators use it to deliver simple online courses with videos and other resources.

7. Kindlepreneur

Kindlepreneur.com is the ultimate resource to learn everything you need to know for writing, editing, formatting, and different aspects of publishing a book.

In this case, the online business owner is Dave Chesson, one of the top advisors for selling books online.

For hosting his courses, Dave uses Thinkific. He has a simple course website, which he uses to deliver a couple of free courses and a paid course.


The paid course is Master Keywords and Categories on Kindle, and it costs $49 one-time.

However, what’s unique is that Dave offers the free courses as an incentive for people to sign up to his email list and build a relationship with them.

So if you want to use online courses for lead generation, you can still use Thinkific to host them. You can capture their email address using an opt-in form and then grant them access to the courses automatically via Zapier.

8. Brit + Co Classes

Brit + Co, founded by Brit Morin, is the ultimate destination for women to inspire and grow their creative side. Their online school – Brit + Co Classes, is built on Thinkific.

The Thinkific site has 120+ online classes in 10+ different niches, created explicitly from a woman’s perspective.

Brit + Co Classes

They follow the online marketplace model, where multiple niche experts teach the courses.

Now, you can buy the courses for a one-time price. Or, you can get access to everything by purchasing a subscription.

Thinkific is the best platform for creating a full-fledged online school as it allows you to have unlimited courses and students on all paid plans. In addition, you can add multiple instructors to your school and share revenue with them.

9. CodeWithChris

Chris worked as a professional iOS developer and built apps for many enterprise clients. He then started sharing his knowledge and experience to help non-coders learn to program.

He has a popular Youtube channel where he shares videos and tutorials. In addition, he offers paid courses through his Thinkific website.


Beginners can access the free two-week course to learn about the basics of iOS app building, and then he pushes them to purchase the all-access membership, where they can choose between monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Offering free courses is a great way to build your email list and market your premium products.

As you can see, Thinkific gives you flexible pricing options. You can have free courses, charge a one-time fee, offer payment plans, or follow the subscription model. And you can even provide multiple pricing options for your products, similar to what Chris does for his courses.

10. Busy Works Beats

Busy Works Beats started as a YouTube channel, teaching beat making and music production. They have 2600+ free instructional videos that attracted half a million subscribers on YouTube.

Their main website is built on Shopify, while their Thinkific course site is the prime station for exploring 35+ courses.

Busy Works Beats

This is an example of a successful membership site that follows the subscription model strictly with options for paying monthly, half-yearly, and yearly.

Along with courses, they also provide exclusive access to a community built using Thinkific.

So, if you want to run a membership site with a basic community, Thinkific lets you do that. Moreover, you can integrate with specialized community platforms with support for single sign-on.

11. Primal Health Coach Institute

Primal Health Coach Institute is an online training institute for fitness professionals. They offer certification courses for people interested in becoming health coaches.

Primal Health Coach Institute

They offer two introductory courses and two signature programs (Level 1 and Level 2). The signature programs are basically certification courses.

While learners can take the Level 1 course at their own pace, the Level 2 course accommodates lives sessions, practice coaching sessions and only opens a few times a year.

Moreover, to take the Level 2 certification course, one has to pass the Level 1 course first.

With Thinkific, you can create evergreen as well as cohort-based courses. And you can also create private and hidden courses.

12. Color Matters

Color Matters is an online course business that helps color enthusiasts learn to use colors for branding and home interiors.

The courses are taught by Jill Morton, a successful color consultant. In these courses, she passes on her knowledge of color psychology, creating color harmonies, and visual ergonomics.

Her Thinkific site has a minimal design and looks pretty elegant. So, if you want to create your course sales pages using the platform, Color Matters is an excellent Thinkific website example to follow.

Color Matters

Jill provides a general description, benefits, curriculum, testimonials, FAQs, etc., on each sales page. Moreover, every course has a free preview option available on the sales page, so your users can try it before purchasing.

So that you know, Thinkific has a powerful page builder that lets you create a personalized sales page for your online courses.

13. Divorce Games

Divorce Games is an online program to help people with the decision-making process during their divorce.

Again, what stands out about this website is the sales page design. It has a long-form sales page with a detailed description, promo video, course curriculum, FAQs, testimonials, etc.

Divorce Games

Another noticeable thing about their Thinkific site is that it has just one course, so the course sales page becomes the homepage for the course website. This is a good example for anyone looking to sell a one-off online course.

14. Teacher-in-a-Box

Teacher-in-a-Box offers 130+ video courses on various topics, such as video creation, graphic design, audio production, web design, etc.

The users can buy these courses separately or purchase the all-access subscription to get all the courses.


But what’s unique about this Thinkific website is that it is in Italian. The homepage, the sales pages, the checkout pages, the login page, etc., are all in Italian.

So if you want to have your course website in any other language than English, you’ll be glad to know that Thinkific lets you change the language of your entire website in a single click.

15. SuperHuman Academy

SuperHuman Academy by Jonathan Levi offers various programs on self-improvement topics. All the courses on the platform follow the closed cart approach.

SuperHuman Academy

What’s unique about this business is that they use Thinkific to take care of only the program delivery aspect.

When you go to their Thinkific website, you’ll just see the login page, from where you can access training content.

Everything else is outside the platform. For example, the main website is built on WordPress, while they use ClickFunnels for sales pages and checkouts.

This is the approach that many creators take for selling their signature programs. So if you want to use other specialized software with the online course platform, this is one of the best Thinkific examples to follow.

16. Learn from Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces for freelance services. The platform lets freelancers create gigs and get work from clients.

They also have a separate product called Learn for offering on-demand courses targeted at freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Their learning platform is built on Thinkific, and what immediately stands out about the course website is that the frontend design is pretty similar to the parent website.

Moreover, the course library design is completely customized, which they achieve through a custom theme. Custom themes is available as a feature on higher Thinkific pricing plans.

Learn from Fiverr

Another unique thing about this website is the single sign-on integration with the Fiverr website. So, Fiverr users can use their existing accounts to purchase the courses.

17. Young Architect Academy

Michael Riscica is the man behind the Young Architect academy. The goal is to help architecture students pass competitive exams in the architecture field, such as ARE 5.0.

This Thinkific website has courses, exam drills, case studies, and resources for passing these exams.

Young Architect Academy

Their primary offering is the 10-week long ARE bootcamp that offers an interactive learning experience, exclusive course content, access to a private Facebook Group, and the opportunity to interact with peers through video conferencing.

They also use Thinkific’s live class feature (through Zoom integration) for conducting group coaching events once a week.

Besides that, not all the content becomes available in one go. Instead, they provide weekly content, allowing users to consume knowledge in the most effective sequence. For this, you can use Thinkific’s drip feature.

18. Shopware Academy

Shopware is a popular open-source eCommerce system trusted by thousands of top brands worldwide.

Their online academy has 20+ courses to help users know the ins and outs of the platform and become certified experts.

Shopware Academy

However, what’s unique about their approach is that all the courses are free to take. It’s only when you want to get certified, you’ll need to pay.

The certification programs are sold through Shopware’s eCommerce system, which includes a full-fledged shopping cart.

So that you know, Thinkific works on an individual product checkout system. And if you want to add a shopping cart functionality to your Thinkific website, you can use the Shopify app available on the app store.

Thinkific Course Examples Wrap Up

In this guide, we’ve explored Thinkific examples with unique business models and operating in different niches. These also include businesses of all sizes, from individual creators to established companies.

Thinkific is one of the best online course platforms with excellent course creation tools. And with the Thinkific App Store, creators can add any feature they want to their platform.

If you want to know what exactly the platform has to offer, check out our Thinkific Review.

If you want to try the platform, you can start a free trial by clicking the button below.

I hope you found these Thinkific course examples helpful, and they provided you with an idea of how to use the platform for your online education business.

Which Thinkific examples did you like the most? What would you like to replicate from these on your Thinkific website?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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