30 Real-Life Kajabi Examples: Courses & Websites for 2024

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If you’re interested in selling knowledge products, Kajabi is one of the best options available.

It gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you can use it in your online business, so you can use it as an all-in-one platform or for your courses and memberships only.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’ve compiled a list of 30 Kajabi examples that showcase top Kajabi courses and websites and share how successful creators use the platform for their business.

Let’s jump right into it.

1. Women of Faith

Women of Faith is an online platform that offers various training and resources to help women with Christian faith-based personal development.

Their courses cover themes like relationships, purpose, and hope from a faith-based perspective. Besides video courses, they offer other products like a mastermind community and coaching.

This is a fantastic example of a business using Kajabi as an all-in-one platform. The platform facilitates their entire online presence, spanning from blog content and email marketing to their digital offerings.

Women of faith homepage
Women of Faith’s homepage

Another thing that stands out is their website design. It has a clean, modern look and is visually attractive.

2. Erica Ziel

Erica Ziel is a core exercise specialist, and she teaches women how to strengthen their bodies and improve overall fitness through her Kajabi website.

Her Kajabi website offers a range of digital products, including online courses, one-on-one coaching, a monthly membership, and a certification program.

Erica ziel’s programs
Erica Ziel’s programs

Again, Erica uses Kajabi to run her entire business. Apart from hosting her courses and processing payments, she uses the platform to handle marketing, her website, and the associated blog.

Kajabi is truly an all-in-one platform, and a large chunk of its audience runs entire businesses through the platform.

3. College Essay Guy

College Essay Guy is an online resource to help students write their college essays and applications. The website also provides resources for counselors to improve their skills.

The platform includes free resources like a podcast and a blog, and it also have premium offerings such as online courses.

College essay guy’s kajabi website
College Essay Guy’s Kajabi website

What’s different about College Essay Guy is that it uses various platforms to manage the online business.

The main website, including the blog and the sales pages, is built on Squarespace, while Kajabi hosts the courses and payments.

Overall, this is a great example for anyone with an existing website looking for Kajabi to host their courses and sales pages and process payments.

4. Happy English

Happy English offers several online courses that help people improve their English speaking skills. The courses provide students access to guides, quizzes, and downloadable videos.

What’s interesting is that the courses have a multi-tiered pricing structure.

The lower tier is generally the self-study option that only gives access to the course material.

The higher tiers, on the other hand, give access to one-on-one lessons and group coaching sessions. In some cases, they even include access to a private community and charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Happy English course’s pricing tiers
Happy English course’s pricing tiers

As seen in this example, Kajabi enables creators to charge a recurring price and create multi-tiered offers, making it a solid subscription platform for creators.

5. Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy is an online program that helps edupreneurs build a successful online course business.

Created by Amy Porterfield, one of the most popular names in this space, the course is open for enrollment just a couple of times a year.

She uses a few different platforms to manage her business and handles only the course delivery through Kajabi. So, when you visit her Kajabi site, you’ll just see the login page.

The first thing that strikes viewers about the course’s website is that the member area is exceptionally well-designed.

Besides core modules, it packs in several bonuses like a Q&A vault, a Tech Library, and access to a private Facebook community to name a few, while having a unique look and feel.

Digital Course Academy course area
Digital Course Academy course area

The course player design is one area where the platform shines over Kajabi competitors, and Digital Course Academy is an excellent example of a business that uses that.

Even if you don’t want to use Kajabi as an all-in-one platform, it’s worth consideringto manage the online course creation and engagement side of things.

An intuitive course builder, beautiful course player themes, coaching and community products, a mobile app feature, course analytics, and more, make it a standout course platform option.

6. Kajabi University

Kajabi University is an online learning platform that offers a range of courses that teach people about Kajabi while using Kajabi to power it.

The platform has dozens of courses, covering everything from using different Kajabi features to course creation and marketing strategies.

What’s great is that all the courses are free for members. When you sign up for a free trial, you can access the entire course library and better understand what the platform can do.

Kajabi University courses
Kajabi University courses

The course content is also available on Kajabi’s mobile app, so you can also test the mobile experience. For your information, Kajabi offers a free mobile app for end users with all plans.

7. Kevin Wallace Training

Kevin Wallace is a networking expert who teaches courses to help people prepare for their Cisco certifications.

His Kajabi website has dozens of on-demand courses with practice quizzes and certificates of completion.

However, the courses aren’t available to be purchased separately. Instead, he offers an all-access membership, and users can choose between monthly and annual plans to access the entire course library.

Kevin Wallace’s all-access membership
Kevin Wallace’s all-access membership

This is an excellent example of a course-based membership site, and Kajabi is the perfect membership platform to deliver that.

8. Your Guitar Sage

Your Guitar Sage offers a membership site and several courses that help guitar enthusiasts improve their skills.

The man behind the business, Erich Andreas, has built his audience with the help of his popular YouTube channel with over 120 million views to date.

The primary offering is a membership site, Unstoppable Guitar System. It has been created by bundling courses with bonuses like eBooks, live sessions, and a community.

Unstoppable Guitar System’s membership tiers
Unstoppable Guitar System’s membership tiers

What stands out about the membership is that it includes various content types organized into multiple tiers.

So, if you’re thinking of building a membership on Kajabi, you’ll be glad to know that the platform supports various product types for memberships, including courses, coaching, a community, and podcasts.

9. Grid and Glam

Grid and Glam is the brainchild of Corinne Morahan, a professional organizer who offers  DIY home organization skills through her Kajabi website and courses.

Additionally, she offers a membership program for an ongoing learning experience that includes monthly boot camps, a private community, and personalized support.

However, she takes her offering to the next level by offering branded membership apps.

Grid and Glam’s branded membership app
Grid and Glam’s branded membership app

Apart from free apps, Kajabi also lets you create branded mobile apps for an additional fee, and Corinne has taken advantage of this to improve the membership experience.

10. Go Bravely Mentorship

Go Bravely Mentorship is a membership community designed to gather aspirational women and help them achieve their life and career goals.

The membership offers access to private healing circles, live mentorship classes, and accountability partners managed through Kajabi Communities.

Go Bravely Mentorship Community
Go Bravely Mentorship Community

Kajabi includes a powerful community builder that lets you organize your community into circles and groups, create rich discussions, host group chats and live meetups, and gamify the experience with leaderboards and badges.

11. The Foot Collective Community

The Foot Collective is the ultimate place for people to access tools and training to restore their feet’s function.

They also have a free community, The Foot Collective Community, built on Kajabi with over 15,000 members.

The community offers discussion forums, live Q&A calls and workshops, weekly challenges, and more, to help members improve their foot health. Additionally, members can buy their premium training courses.

The Foot Collective Community
The Foot Collective Community

So, Kajabi isn’t just great for paid communities, but it’s also a fantastic platform to build a free community.

12. Flowing Zen

Flowing Zen is an online academy created by Anthony Korahais to teach people the ancient Qigong and Taichi art forms to achieve better health.

They have two main products, and both are 52-week cohort courses open for enrollment once a year. The courses include on-demand instructional videos, guided meditations, live Q&A sessions, webinars, and direct access to the instructor.

Kajabi is an excellent platform option for cohort courses. Apart from the essential course creation tools, it supports live classes, private communities, and cohort management features.

Flowing Zen’s Qigong 101 cohort course
Flowing Zen’s Qigong 101 cohort course

Another stand-out aspect about this example is how well the  Kajabi and WordPress websites have been integrated. The two sites are on the same domain, link to each other from prominent places, and share a unified design.

13. The Movement System

The Movement System was created by Matt Casturo, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), to provide resources related to physical therapy, fitness, and health.

One of their main offerings is an online course to help students prepare for the CSCS exam. It has over 20 hours of video content, quizzes, and practice tests.

Another popular course is Program Design 101, which teaches people how to create their own strength and conditioning programs. Besides video content, it includes several assignments and a final quiz.

Once students complete the course, they earn credits and receive a certificate of completion.

Program Design 101 course
Program Design 101 course

Kajabi’s flexible quizzing tools make it possible to test users, and you can award certificates based on their performance.

14. Aardman Academy

Aardman is a well-known animation studio, and Aardman Academy is their platform for teaching animation.

They offer several animation courses, and the range is quite impressive. You can find:

  • Foundation Courses: These entry-level courses teach the core principles of animation. These are evergreen courses, and include masterclasses, weekly tasks, and an online community.
  • Industry Training Courses: These advanced courses teach practical skills and industry know-how. These live cohort courses include masterclasses, live weekly classes, one-on-one mentoring, and a community.
  • In-Person Courses: Aardman also offers in-person workshops and courses. However, they allow users to enroll through their Kajabi website.
  • Bespoke Courses: Lastly, they offer fully customized courses for businesses, institutions, and organizations.
Aardman Academy’s courses
Aardman Academy’s courses

Overall, this is a great example of how you can use Kajabi to create a comprehensive education platform and not just sell online courses.

15. Dubsado Education

Dubsado is a customer relationship management (CRM) software, and Dubsado Education is their online academy, where they teach about everything using the software.

They offer three separate courses catering to users with different experience levels with the software. The courses are free and include step-by-step video tutorials.

The platform also has a certification program where users must pass the pre-assessment and final certification exams to become Dubsado Certified.

Dubsado Education’s kajabi website
Dubsado Education’s kajabi website

Dubsado Education’s kajabi websiteThis is an excellent example of a product company using Kajabi to educate their customers.

16. Education By Matt Johnson

Education by Matt Johnson is an online course portal that helps wedding filmmakers grow their businesses. The portal website and courses are built with Kajabi, though their primary website is outside the platform.

Apart from premium courses, their primary offering is 1-on-1 coaching with Matt Johnson. They have a few different types of coaching products, and they are sold through the platform.

Just so you know, Kajabi supports a Coaching product that allows you to easily create, sell, and manage one-off or multiple coaching sessions. It also includes native scheduling and live meeting features.

Matt Johnson Kajabi coaching example
Matt Johnson Kajabi coaching example

Additionally, they offer a few other exciting products, like pricing templates and personalized feedback through recorded video.

17. In the Keys of Success

In the Keys of Success is an online platform that helps musicians grow their careers.

While their library has a range of products including self-paced online courses, their main offerings include coaching and community products.

Their membership community is called Amplify and hosts monthly group coaching calls. The membership also has a high-end version called Amplify Access, which includes private 1:1 voice memo coaching.

In The Key Of Success’ Membership Plans
In The Key Of Success’ Membership Plans

Additionally, they offer several one-on-one coaching packages for those looking for personalized help.

Kajabi is one of the best coaching platforms out there. Apart from one-on-one coaching, you can use it to create group coaching programs and coaching membership sites.

18. Threads

Threads Magazine is the go-to resource for sewing enthusiasts, and their Kajabi website serves as their online learning hub.

However, they specialize in teaching masterclasses rather than offering regular online courses. Their expert authors conduct live masterclasses, providing in-depth coverage of specific topics.

Once the class ends, they turn the masterclass into an on-demand course with videos, PDFs, and other resources.

Threads offers live masterclasses
Threads offers live masterclasses

It’s an interesting example of direct teaching to a live audience to then repurpose it into an on-demand course. It’s an efficient method for creating digital courses with minimal effort.

19. Nine Yard Consulting

Nine Yard Consulting is the ultimate home renovation resource, created by Jen Jones, who launched her website to help homeowners renovate their homes without stress or running over their budget.

While she offers an online course and one-on-one coaching through her website, her primary offerings include eBooks, workbooks, guides, and checklists. There are dozens of downloadable resources and all are paid.

Nine Yard Consulting’s downloadable resources
Nine Yard Consulting’s downloadable resources

It’s a good example to follow if you’re looking to offer more digital downloads rather than a full-fledged learning experience.

20. Yogi Flight School

Yogi Flight School, run by Nathania Stambouli, uses the platform to teach yoga courses.

Their flagship course comes packed with video lessons, recorded workshops, interviews, and access to a private community. Plus, it has two versions: self-study and live.

However, what stands out the most for us is their checkout page. It looks elegant with its beautiful design and does a great job explaining the program’s value.

Yogi Flight Schools’ checkout page
Yogi Flight Schools’ checkout page

The website gives you a good idea of the flexibility you get while building a payments page with Kajabi.

21. The Universe Talks (TUT)

TUT by Mike Dooley is one of the most popular brands in the personal development niche. They offer a variety of digital products on their website, including online courses, memberships, books, and audio programs.

They place a lot of emphasis on student engagement with their products with live workshops, coaching, and a private community.

When you analyze their Kajabi website, a couple of things immediately stand out.

Firstly, their sales pages are incredibly well-designed, with elements like video sales letters, count-down timers, testimonials, FAQ sections, etc.

You’ll get a sense of the flexibility that Kajabi’s website builder offers for building your website and sales pages.

The Universe Talks’ membership sales page
The Universe Talks’ membership sales page

Secondly, their membership sales page has a “Choose What To Pay” option. It is a unique marketing tactic, and you can quickly implement it on Kajabi.

22. Photo Serge

Photo Serge is an online course website that helps photographers level up their skills.

The website offers a comprehensive library of courses, which is well-categorized and includes course bundles. Their premium course, which is the main offering, includes live coaching, a private community, and a certificate, besides video lessons.

However, what strikes the most about it is the long-form sales pages for their premium courses.

They do a great job explaining the curriculum, sharing a video preview of the course, and showcasing many stunning photographs.

Photo Serge’s bundle sales page
Photo Serge’s bundle sales page

Finally, Photo Surge has an affiliate program, which is run using Kajabi. Apart from setting up commissions and tracking sales, the platform enables you to manage affiliates, provide a private portal to them, and more.

23. HR Topics

HR Topics provides online training and resources for businesses to improve their HR departments.

Their offer consists of a membership community, an HR Certification prep course, and other programs about recruitment and HR compliance.

Apart from these paid products, they also host a blog on their Kajabi website.

Their well-organized blog page is packed with articles that help attract and engage visitors and they use Kajabi Forms to capture leads.

HR Topics Blog
HR Topics Blog

Kajabi’s blogging tools let you add a fully functional blog to your site, and HR Topics has done a great job of leveraging this feature.

24. Social Mediology

Social Mediology is an online business that offers products and services related to social media to other businesses.

They have several online courses and coaching products and offer services like social media audit and management.

Like many other Kajabi course examples in this list, they use the platform to run their entire business. However, one unique thing about them is that they have a podcast, which is hosted on Kajabi itself.

Social Lights Podcast
Social Lights Podcast

In fact, Kajabi has a Podcast feature that allows you to create, host, and distribute your podcast episodes through the platform.

25. Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is one of the most well-known Kajabi creators. He runs an online course website that helps aspiring entrepreneurs build passive income streams.

His offering includes an evergreen online course, a group coaching program, and a mastermind community that requires enrollment applications.

While everything on the website uses Kajabi, what stands out the most is the extensive use of Kajabi’s marketing tools. Graham uses Kajabi’s funnel builder to create sales funnels and sell his products.

He has a landing page encouraging visitors to sign up for his free workshop and then uses Kajabi’s email marketing tools to automate the follow-ups.

Graham Cochrane’s landing page
Graham Cochrane’s landing page

Graham Cochrane runs another business called Recording Revolution, and he also uses Kajabi for his courses.

26. Learn With Adrienne

The face behind Learn With Adrienne is a speech-language pathologist, Adrienne. Her goal is to help toddlers learn to talk, and she accomplishes this through videos on her YouTube channel and courses on her Kajabi website.

Again, we like how she uses Kajabi to capture leads and convert them into paying customers with email marketing.

The opt-in form asks users to enter their email addresses and answer a question, which helps better understand the audience and segment them accordingly. She then sends out targeted email sequences with information about the course.

Learn With Adrienne’s opt-in form
Learn With Adrienne’s opt-in form

Kajabi’s email marketing tools enable you to easily collect leads, manage them, and send automated emails.

27. Loosetooth.com

Loosetooth.com is an eLearning business that helps people improve their visual thinking skills with the help of drawing. It’s run by Brandy Agerbeck, a visual thinking pioneer.

She offers several online courses on the website, including her popular program, The Agerbeck Method. She also hosts a membership community called Studio 3.0.

Plus, she has integrated a Shopify storefront on her Kajabi website, where she sells other physical products.

While there’s much to appreciate about her brand, her use of Kajabi to host virtual events stands out. These include Q&A sessions, live workshops, and virtual summits.

Loosetooth.com’s virtual events
Loosetooth.com’s virtual events

Kajabi has built-in webinar features that let you schedule your events and manage registrations. Additionally, Kajabi Communities supports native livestreaming features, which you can use to host summits.

28. Tamara Bunte

Tamara Bunte is a well-known sales coach who offers courses and coaching through her Kajabi website.

She uses the platform to run her entire business, but what’s interesting is how she uses quizzes to generate and segment leads.

Tamara’s Sales Assessment quiz
Tamara’s Sales Assessment quiz

Kajabi’s Assessments feature lets you create marketing quizzes or surveys. Then, you can tag users based on their responses and send them automated sequences.

29. Transcribe Anywhere

Transcribe Anywhere helps aspiring transcriptionists build their career, and every aspect of their website is managed with Kajabi.

The website offers several paid courses packed with screencast videos, style guides, a private Facebook Group, and downloadable resources. They even offer a free mini-course that helps users grow their email list.

But what we find most interesting about them is that they use Kajabi Automations to structure their courses and pricing in a very interesting way.

Essentially, one can buy a specific course from their offering and upgrade later to buy the combined course bundle.

Transcribe Anywhere Kajabi homepage
Transcribe Anywhere Kajabi homepage

Moreover, courses are followed by an exam, and students get a certificate and access to a private group upon passing it.

30. Meg Burrage

Meg Burrage is a Kajabi expert who uses the platform to sell Kajabi website templates.

There are a variety of custom website designs that you can buy and install on your Kajabi website.

Meg Burrage’s Kajabi themes
Meg Burrage’s Kajabi themes

When you buy one of her themes, she also provides free training on building a Kajabi website and community support through weekly calls.

While Kajabi is mainly used by knowledge businesses, service providers and consultants can also use the platform to sell their services and templates.

Kajabi Website Examples Wrap-Up

This guide explored various Kajabi examples and how they use the platform.

While some creators use Kajabi as an all-in-one platform, others use it solely for creating online courses and memberships.

Kajabi is among the most feature-rich platforms for selling knowledge products, making it a great choice, no matter the scale or type of business you have.

If you’d like to give the platform a try, sign up for a free trial by clicking on the button below.

We hope you found this list of Kajabi website examples useful. Which Kajabi examples did you like the most? What would you like to replicate from these for your own website? Leave a quick comment below and let us know!

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