7 Best Ways to Make Money From a Facebook Group in 2024

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Are you looking to make money from your Facebook group?

With over 1.8 billion users using Facebook Groups, it can be an incredibly lucrative strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The key is to know how to make the most of it.

In this article, we’ll look at the seven best ways to make money from a Facebook group in 2024.

We’ll discuss each monetization strategy in depth and include examples, so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started.

1. Sell Online Courses

Your Facebook group members are an engaged audience of like-minded people, and you’ve likely earned their trust over time with free content and the valuable insight you’ve shared with them.

By offering an online course, you’re accomplishing two important objectives.

First, you’re giving your audience another way to connect with you by providing an opportunity for greater access to your knowledge outside of the scope of your free Facebook group. 

Additionally, pairing a paid product like a course can give your group’s members an option if they want a different kind of experience.

Second, you’re now selling a digital product that you create once and can resell over time.

If you structure it successfully, you’re no longer trading your time for money; in fact, you’ll give yourself a greater chance to scale up your services and business without creating more work for yourself.

Advantages of the online course business model
Advantages of the online course business model

You can use numerous course platforms to create and host your premium online courses.

For example, Thinkific is one of the best course creation platforms. It can easily meet your needs and includes a comprehensive set of easy-to-use features that can get your course up and running quickly.

A great example of using a Facebook group to sell a library of online training courses is the Create and Go Blogging Community.

Create and Go Blogging’s Facebook group
Create and Go Blogging’s Facebook group

Even if they’re only able to convert a small percentage of their 15K group members to paying members, what they earn from selling courses is still significant.

2. Create a Subscription-Based Membership

A natural offshoot of your Facebook group might be to create a paid subscription-based membership based on your group’s interests.

The value proposition of a paid membership model is, once again, about creating more significant levels of access and exclusivity that you can use to build recurring income streams.

How a membership site works
How a membership site works

Your membership might take the form of a private mastermind group or a full-fledged membership site. To do this, you can use a membership platform like Kajabi to shift your group away from Facebook’s platform.

Membership Mastermind is a large Facebook group of 19.5K people designed for those interested in creating their own exclusive membership sites for a targeted audience.

Membership Mastermind group
Membership Mastermind group

This free group teaches its members about marketing strategies, content creation, and retention techniques to help them get started.

The Membership Geeks also sell a paid membership subscription to their Membership Academy for more personalized attention and greater access levels.

The lesson here is that by starting with an open Facebook group, you can funnel members to more structured and personalized paid products that offer greater levels of value in more private groups.

3. Offer Coaching and Consulting Services

Other complementary products you may want to consider if you have a Facebook group or online community are coaching, consulting, and general freelance services.

Your expertise is valuable, and offering small group or one-on-one coaching services can help you monetize your Facebook community members.

While coaching can be lucrative, it’s time intensive and may be challenging to scale up beyond more than a handful of people at once. 

Even so, it’s probably still easier to set up and build a coaching program than to create a comprehensive paid online course.

And this is why we recommend starting with coaching and then transitioning to online courses.

Additionally, the experience you get from understanding the pain points and struggles of your coaching clients can help you build an online course that benefits many others in your Facebook group.

The nice part of coaching is that it doesn’t have to be technically difficult.

You can choose from several online coaching platforms, but you can also use a simple scheduling solution such as Acuity Scheduling and Google Meet to deliver your sessions.

A good example of this approach is the Yoga Teacher Resource Community, a 10K Facebook group founded by Mado Hesselink.

She uses her group and podcast to sell her premium coaching services to a targeted audience of loyal yoga instructors.

The Yoga Teacher Resource Community
The Yoga Teacher Resource Community

4. Sell Access to Live Events

Paid live online group events like webinars, weekly group classes, virtual summits, or performances on your YouTube channel can be a lucrative yet low-commitment product that you can readily create for your Facebook group.

They’re easy to launch, don’t require much planning, and can be quickly monetized.

They can also serve as a focal point for your group and be a helpful strategy to cultivate engagement. Why? Because no one wants to miss an exclusive event.

The Grey Zone, for example, is a unique Facebook group that caters to Baby Boomers and GenXers. They then use it to promote their signature Foundational Friday webinars on business-related topics.

The Grey Zone group
The Grey Zone group

The Grey Zone’s Friday webinars represent a consistent and easy-to-remember content delivery strategy.

5. Promote Products as an Affiliate

You can also monetize a Facebook group by promoting products as an affiliate and earn a percentage of the revenue from any sale resulting from your promotional efforts but heed this warning.

While it’s the quickest digital marketing strategy to make money, if you don’t create your own products, you’ll have to curate the right products that align with your audience. Plus, you must be careful not to spam your group with excessive affiliate links.

Your members didn’t sign up to be spammed, so if you abuse this trust, the success of your group might suffer.

Niche Pursuits by Spencer Haws integrates paid product affiliate links into posts on his page to sell products.

In the following example, he’s promoting a digital marketing course that his audience may find useful. This way, if he manages to drive traffic to this course and convert it into a sale using an affiliate link, he’ll receive a percentage of that revenue.

Niche Pursuits’ promotion post
Niche Pursuits’ promotion post

6. Work With Brands

If you’ve built a large, niche-focused Facebook group, you may be able to partner with brands that want to connect with your audience to sell their products. Some of the biggest Facebook groups use this monetization method to make the most out of their massive membership.

The easiest way to find the right partners is to reach out to the relevant brands and creators and gauge their interest directly.

You can promote brands in various ways in your Facebook group. Here are a few examples:

  • Create sponsored posts and pin them to the top of the group and share them on your news feed.
  • Hold Facebook live events and stream them to your audience.
  • Feature them on your banner image and sell advertising space.
  • Publish media coverage of this partnership across your group and other social media platforms.

Remember, your group is a valuable asset. Brands often look for the straightest line to potential customers to sell products, so don’t underestimate the lucrative potential of what you’ve built.

A great example of this strategy comes from Gardening On A Budget Official, a popular Facebook group composed of nearly 440K members, which partners with brands that align with the needs and values of their community.

Gardening On A Budget group partners with brands
Gardening On A Budget group partners with brands

In the example above, the page admins and group owners clearly share with their audience that the brands they work with “are here to support and offer value to our members where they can and help keep [the] community running.”

It’s not about how many posts you publish for the brand but rather about the impact they make.

7. Sell Branded Merchandise

If you managed to build a strong identity with your Facebook group, you may now want to sell your products.

Perhaps, you have an easily identifiable color scheme or logo, a popular motto or catchphrase, or a specific activity that your group shares.

If this is the case, you could sell your products and branded merchandise to your group members. Ask yourself: what do you think your target audience would purchase?

Some popular ideas might include custom clothing, hats, or technical equipment and accessories.

Aside from generating revenue, the benefit of selling merchandise is that it pushes your group out of the local community and can be an unintended lead magnet that gets people curious about what your group is all about.

Tips to Make Money From Your Facebook Group

You should be aware of several important tips when trying to make money from your Facebook group or online community.

Capture your members’ email addresses

When it comes to your Facebook page, you don’t own your group or members’ data. So, if Facebook blocks your group or you lose access for some reason, there’s a chance that you may never get it back.

Because of this, you should encourage your members to sign up for lead magnets, free training, and other products on a platform that you control so that you can capture their email and contact information.

You can even require them to submit their email addresses through Facebook Group membership questions when they are joining.

Focus on group engagement

Your Facebook group is a community and should not be considered a money-making marketplace, so don’t oversell with paid products or affiliate links.

Take the time to build relationships with your group members. If you create content and provide tons of free resources, your audience will flourish over time. You should also welcome new members to your Facebook group with an engaging welcome post to keep them engaged from the get-go.

Grow your group membership

Simply put, the more Facebook group members you have, the more money you can make.

You can focus on growing your group’s membership by providing value through free content, doing email marketing with a lead magnet, and sharing resources that showcase why your group is worth the time investment.


In this article, we’ve detailed several strategies that you can use to make money from a Facebook group.

As a group admin, before determining how to monetize your members, make sure that what you’re selling aligns with the mission of your group and benefits your target audience.

From offering paid digital products and coaching services to affiliate marketing and brand partnerships, the opportunities are endless.

How do you plan to monetize your Facebook group? What strategy works best for you?

Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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