The 50 Biggest Facebook Groups in 2024 (and the 10 Best)

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With 1.8 billion monthly users, Facebook Groups rules the world of social media communities. With its range of tools for creators, groups serve as little tight-knit communities where people learn, share, entertain, and enjoy.

When used correctly, Facebook groups can be an incredible asset for owners and group members alike. Brands can use them to interact with potential customers, and users can benefit from the diverse knowledge shared within the group. Likewise, some Facebook groups are merely for enjoyment and entertainment.

In this guide, we discuss some of the biggest Facebook groups in different niches, like entertainment, education, digital marketing, and daily news.

What Are the Biggest Facebook Groups?

The number of members and everyday use determines the popularity of a Facebook group. Some of the largest Facebook groups have millions of members who use the group regularly for engagement or entertainment.

The table below lists the most popular Facebook groups and the reason for their fame. Following this table, we’ll also discuss the top ten best Facebook groups to follow.

Group Name Members (in millions)Description
1.Deepika Sharma7.9 Everyday humor and entertainment, where people share funny videos and memes
2.Our Evergreen Bangladesh6.2Bangladeshis discussing appreciation for their country as well as national matters and culture
3.Cheap Meals Ideas5Low-cost meal ideas
4.Makeup Artists4.6Budding or pro makeup artists sharing techniques and knowledge
5.Kresh Keepers Official Group4.5A cooking group where people can watch cooking videos and learn recipes
6.Netflix Recommendations4.5Netflix recommendations
7.PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS! [PUSH]!3.9An evangelist Christian prayer circle where people pray for each other, learn healing tips and share miracles
8.View From My Window3.6Initially, a group for people to share the view from their windows during the pandemic, now a place for people to connect
9.Math Formulas3.3People teaching and learning math
10.Instant Pot Community3.2Instant Pot recipes and tricks for getting the most out of this appliance
11.Home Buddies3.1Home decor enthusiasts discussing ideas, treasures, tips, and experiences
12.WWE Monday Night RAW3A wrestling group where people share WWE highlights and news of Monday Night RAW events
13.Cooking Made Easy3Recipes, food presentation tips, preparation methods, pictures, etc.
14.Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority2.9Initially a group to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, now a community for active democracy and social storytelling
15.Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need to be Shared2.7 Secondhand finds from thrift stores, yard sales, or similar places
16.Motivational Quotes2.6Motivational quotes about life, love, failure, success, and other topics
Banting 7-Day Meal Plans2.3A group for Banters to find weekly meal plans according to their diet philosophy
18.Keto & Low Carb Recipes For Beginners2.3Low-carb and keto recipes to kickstart your keto diet
19.UEFA Champions League 2022/20232.3Football lovers sharing everything about the UEFA Champions League, including photos, news, live scores, videos, etc.
20.Dad Jokes Everywhere2.3People sharing dad jokes
21.DIY on a Budget2.2DIY hacks and tricks people can use to save money
22.GNPC-ഗ്ലാസ്സിലെ നുരയും പ്ലേറ്റിലെ കറിയും®2.2A Malayali group where people share lifestyles, creativity, food, and travel tips or anecdotes
23.PNXBETarmy Official Group2.2A group where members discuss the PNXBET agent system and share their ideas
24.Subtle Asian Traits2Asian people from around the globe celebrating their similarities and differences
25.Why So Serious1.9Another Facebook group where people share funny content for entertainment
26.Fashion House1.9A fashion-based group where people share fashion ideas and talk about recent style trends
27.Ghana Senior High Schools Forum1.9An educational group for high school seniors in Ghana to learn study tips and news
28.One Piece – One Million Fans1.9Fans discussing the web series One Piece and their favorite characters
29.Convert to Islam1.8A group where members share Islamic teachings and history
30.Dogspotting1.8Pictures of random dogs members find cute
31.A Group Where We All Pretend to Be Ants in an Ant Colony1.7A whimsical Facebook group where members pretend to be ants in an ant colony ruled by the queen ant
32.My Skin, My Pride1.7A skincare group where people share tips and anecdotes for healthy skin
33.NON-VEG FOOD ONLY1.7A group where you can find non-veg recipes and cooking tips
34.The Remnant1.7A religion-based group
35.Australian Made Products1.7Products made in Australia and Australian brands publicizing their products
36.Keto for Beginners1.6A place to learn about the keto diet, how to get started, recipes, and challenges
37.Boruto: Naruto Next Generations1.6A place where people share anything related to Boruto, Naruto, or Naruto: Shippuden 
38.1000 pomysłów na obiad i nie tylko1.5A Polish Facebook group where members share dinner ideas
39.RantHQ1.5A group where members can rant about anything to get it off their chest
40.COMPTEUR OFFICIEL DE GILETS JAUNES1.5Translated in English as the Official Counter of Yellow Vests, a community of yellow vest-wearing protestors in France
41.Engineering Discoveries1.5A place to discuss engineering-related ideas and topics
Science Humor1.5A group where people share funny videos and memes about science
43.ALDI Aisle of Shame Community1.5ALDI finds, recipes, and product reviews
44.Beard Game Matters1.4People showcasing their beards and discussing tips on beard growth and maintenance
45.English Speaking 1011.4A group for learning spoken English from native English professors with over 15 years of teaching experience
46.Makkah Madina Official1.4A Muslim group where members share prayers and discuss Islamic matters
47.Nail Art Group1.4A group where you can find nail art techniques, ideas, and tips
48.Designers1.3A group made for designers to share their designs, collaborate, learn new tips, and get professional insights
49.Girls Love Travel1.2A global group where women share travel anecdotes and safety tips
50.Dhar Mann Official Group1A fan group made for Dhar Mann followers that provides updates about new videos

The Best Facebook Groups We’ve Seen

Below is a roundup of large Facebook groups that focuses on the quality of these groups, including content and level of engagement from members. We ranked the biggest groups on Facebook in the table above based on the number of members.

As you can see, these groups embrace a wide variety of topics. Not all are dedicated to learning a skill or getting educational content. Some have little to no monetization, and others are merely for laughs.

If you’re lucky and use Facebook groups the right way, you might be able to make money from Facebook groups.

The following groups are a testament to the potential of Facebook groups and how they can provide desired results when applied cleverly.

1. ClickFunnels (Official)

ClickFunnels Official Group

Members: 283.3k

ClickFunnels (Official) is a Facebook group that focuses on helping individuals create, design, and market digital products online. The group has more than 283,300 members who share tips, tricks, and best practices for succeeding in this space.

What caught our attention about this group was its affiliation with the website of the same name. The creators of this website claim to be the “first funnel creators,” bringing customers from all platforms to your website. That’s what they teach about in the group, too: ways to make money through e-commerce and digital marketing.

2. HubSpot Academy’s Content Marketing Pros

HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Pros

Members: 30.2k

Made by the team at HubSpot, the Content Marketing Pros Group is a Facebook group that focuses on content marketing. The group members share and learn ideas about content marketing, content creation, and content distribution.

Since this group is managed by Hubspot, one of the best CRM platforms, it deserves a place on our list. Besides the basics of content marketing, group members also discuss how to make the most of Hubspot.

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3. Women of Impact

Women of Impact group

Members: 70.2k

The Women of Impact by National Geographic group celebrates women shaping the world through everyday actions. Through shared stories, experiences, and support from group members, women can learn from each other and be inspired.

Since a well-established organization backs it, it’s one of the most impactful online communities. That’s what made this group so appealing to us. The group shows that strong and confident women exist in a space outside of fashion and Hollywood. The relatability of the group to common women is what makes it so special.

4. Superstar SEO

SuperStar SEO group

Members: 79.2k

Created by Chris Walker, this incredibly active group is a go-to resource for digital marketers interested in search engine optimization (SEO). The group includes professionals from all levels and backgrounds, providing a platform for exchanging ideas and strategies.

Like ClickFunnels, SuperStar SEO also has a website where you can learn more about Local SEO, freelance SEO, and blogging. We’d suggest going through the posts in the group to see if Superstar SEO’s crash course is worth the investment.

5. Facebook Ads Rockstars

Facebook Ads Rockstars

Members: 47.2k

The Facebook Ads Rockstars group is an excellent resource for individuals interested in mastering the art of Facebook ads. Members share tips, tricks, and success stories related to running ads on the platform. It’s ideal for intermediate to advanced advertisers or entrepreneurs.

The group is run by Alex Fedotoff, who claims to spend three million dollars per month on Facebook ads. So, there’s a lot you can learn from a guy like this, and you can apply it to your Facebook advertising campaigns too.

6. Global Elementor Community

Global Elementor Community

Members: 139.0K

This Facebook group is run by the team behind the WordPress page builder plugin, Elementor. It’s a great place to get advice from experienced developers and users of the plugin, ask questions, and share tips and tutorials. Plus, if you plan to get Elementor for WordPress, you should check out this group and learn about making the most of this plugin.

You can also learn how to use it to make different types of impact as well as SEO-friendly pages for your website.

7. Scalable Sales Outreach Secrets

Scalable Sales Outreach Secrets Facebook Group

Members: 46.6k

Scalable Sales Outreach Secrets is a group where you can learn sales outreach automation using CRM, autoresponders, and SMS tools. Group members include PPC marketers, advertisers, inbound marketers, and social media marketers. is also a sales outreach automation platform. Before you pay for it, you should go through the posts in this group to see if the investment is worthwhile. Plus, you can get plenty of software usage tips from group members.

8. Canva Design Community (Official)

Canva Design Community

Members: 291k

Canva Design Community is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to learn more about graphic design. Here, you can find advice from experienced professionals and get feedback on designs. It also serves as a place to network and find new opportunities.

Canva is a must-have tool for digital business owners. That’s why we had to put this group on our list. Since it’s a free tool, we believe every business owner should leverage it to make their brand’s visuals more appealing, functional, and aesthetic.

9. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify Entrepreneurs Fb Group

Members: 111.0k

Shopify Entrepreneurs is a leading seller community on Facebook for anyone interested in starting an online business. Shopify store owners share anecdotes, tips, and solutions for running a Shopify store in this group.

Our favorite thing about this group is that it’s run by actual Shopify sellers who understand the ins and outs of the platform. So, whatever you learn, you learn from the first-hand experiences of people who have built a store from scratch.

10. Online Courses With Certification

Online Courses with Certification

Members: 41.5k

Online Courses With Certification is a group for those interested in taking and sharing online courses. Whether you want to learn a new skill or find a certification program, this group is the best place to find information and resources.

Sometimes, self-learning is not the best solution. You need a professional to assist you. That’s why we wanted to add this group to our list—to be a resource for people who want to learn a monetizable skill online.


Now that you know about the biggest Facebook groups, you’re all set to use them to take inspiration, network, make friends, learn skills, and share your knowledge.

If you’re new to Facebook groups and unfamiliar with networking ideas, here’s a guide to community engagement to get your foot in the game.

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