Kajabi AI Creator Hub: Everything You Need to Know

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and online course platforms are no exception.

Kajabi recently added a new AI Creator Hub, which now offers a variety of free AI tools to help you create and sell awesome online courses.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what the Kajabi AI Creator Hub is, what tools it offers, and how you can get started using them.

Let’s begin.

What Is the Kajabi AI Creator Hub?

Kajabi’s AI Creator Hub is a suite of AI tools for course creators that should make it easier for people to create and sell online courses quickly and easily.

These tools are completely free to use, and you don’t even have to be a Kajabi customer to take advantage of them.

Kajabi’s AI Creator Hub tools
Kajabi’s AI Creator Hub tools

The AI Creator Hub offers six different AI tools:

  • Course Outline Generator: Creates a course outline by suggesting module and lesson titles and brief lesson descriptions
  • Lesson Content Generator: Creates text-based lesson content along with a lesson summary
  • Social Media Content Generator: Creates posts optimized for different social media networks
  • Landing Page Copy Generator: Generates copy for your course sales page based on the course topic
  • Sales Email Copy Generator: Creates email content to drive sales for your course.
  • Sales Video Script Generator: Creates a script for your course sales video.

Besides these, Kajabi has a few tools only available to its paying users, and we’ll discuss these later on in the article.

First, let’s explore Kajabi’s free AI tools in more detail.

1. Course Outline Generator

The Course Outline Generator is a powerful free tool that uses AI to quickly create a detailed outline for your online course.

You just need to enter your course topic and it will automatically generate an outline with modules, lessons, and brief lesson descriptions.

kajabi course outline generator
Course Outline Generator

Generally, the output is excellent, but if you don’t like it, you can run the generator again until you are happy.

This tool provides you with a great starting point for your outline and can save you a lot of time.

We also have our own AI Course Outline Generator, which works in a similar way.

2. Course Lesson Generator

The Course Lesson Generator uses AI to write text for your lessons. It can create text-based lessons or to write supplemental text for your video lessons.

The tool requires you to enter your lesson topic, after which it will generate the text content along with a lesson summary.

The key to this tool is to feed it a specific idea or concept and not broad topics. So, rather than entering something like “Yoga poses for beginners,” you should instead consider something more specific, like “Triangle pose explained.”

Lesson Content Generator
Lesson Content Generator

Finally, make sure to check the generated content for accuracy because AI tools sometimes make up facts or get things wrong.

3. Social Media Content Generator

Another great tool from Kajabi’s AI tool suite is the Social Media Content Generator. The tool is designed to generate social media posts quickly.

All you need to do is select the platform you’re posting to and enter the topic you want to write about. The tool will automatically generate shareable content, including hashtags and video ideas.

Plus, the tool gives you a few options, such as adding more details to the post or changing the tone to make it funny or inspirational.

Social Media Content Generator
Social Media Content Generator

4. Landing Page Copy Generator

The Landing Page Copy Generator helps you create sales copy for your course landing pages. All you have to do is enter your course topic, and the tool will generate the copy.

The AI-generated copy includes a catchy title, a brief description of the course, and why it’s beneficial.

Landing Page Copy Generator
Landing Page Copy Generator

However, the copy is very short, and it’s not useful for actual landing pages. You can’t even use it for inspiration — it’s too basic.

This is one of the weaker features of Kajabi’s AI Creator Hub, and you’re better off writing your own copy.

5. Sales Email Copy Generator

Writing sales emails can be daunting. That’s why Kajabi created the Sales Email Copy Generator, which uses AI to quickly create a catchy sales email for your online course.

The tool requires you to enter just your course topic, and it will generate a compelling sales email that you can use to promote your course.

Sales Email Copy Generator
Sales Email Copy Generator

While the output is good, it would be more useful if the tool could generate a series of emails for a course launch rather than just one.

6. Sales Video Script Generator

The Sales Video Script Generator lets you create an attention-grabbing script for your course promo video.

Again, you need to enter your course topic, and the tool will write a script for you.

Sales Video Script Generator
Sales Video Script Generator

However, the generated script is suitable only for shorter promo videos. For longer videos, you can still use the main talking points from the script, but you’ll need to write the rest yourself.

Kajabi’s Other AI Tools

Apart from the AI Creator Hub, Kajabi offers a bunch of AI tools that are available only to customers subscribed to a Kajabi pricing plan.

These tools are available inside your admin area and include a course generator, content assistant, and creator studio:

Course Generator

The Course Generator works similarly to the outline generator in that it uses AI to quickly create a detailed outline with modules, lessons, and descriptions of each lesson. It also lets you review the entire outline and make changes as you please.

However, the tool goes one step further and lets you replicate the entire outline in Kajabi’s course builder in a single click. That means you don’t have to manually transfer each lesson, saving you loads of time creating a Kajabi course from scratch.

To access the tool, go to Products → Courses and create a new course or select an existing course. This will open the course builder, and you’ll see the Course Generator icon toward the top.

Accessing the Course Generator
Accessing the Course Generator

Clicking it will open a popup where you can enter your course topic and generate an outline. You can then adjust the details and once happy, click Apply to replicate the outline within Kajabi.

Kajabi’s Course Generator in action
Kajabi’s Course Generator in action

Content Assistant

Kajabi’s Content Assistant, Ama, is similar to popular conversational AI tools like ChatGPT but nicely integrated into the platform.

You can use the AI assistant to write content for your landing pages, blog posts, email sequences, and even course lessons.

While you can use it to create any kind of content you want, the assistant is currently available only inside Kajabi’s website builder and email editor. So, if you want to write lesson content, you’ll need to do it in one of these places and then copy-paste it into your lesson.

To access the assistant, select any website page and go to the page builder. Select a text block, and next to it, you’ll see the AI icon. Click on it, and you’ll be able to talk directly with Ama.

Kajabi’s AI Content Assistant
Kajabi’s AI Content Assistant

The good thing is it’s a flexible tool, so you can use it not just to generate content but also to edit your copy, brainstorm ideas, give feedback, and more.

We have an epic resource for ChatGPT prompts for course creators. Do check it out, as it will be easy for you to use a similar AI assistant at Kajabi.

Creator Studio

Kajabi’s Creator Studio is a unique tool that lets you repurpose your existing video content into shorter clips for social media, blog posts, and landing pages.

The way it works is simple: Import one of your existing videos or upload a new one, and AI will automatically detect important parts of the video and break them down into highlight clips, depending on the desired length.

You can then edit the highlights and preview the video to make sure everything looks good. When you’re happy with it, just click the Generate clip button, and it will create a new clip.

Creating a video clip in Creator Studio
Creating a video clip in Creator Studio

You can then download the video or share it to your social accounts. You also have the option to further edit the clip and modify the layout, add text, change the background, etc.

Overall, the Creator Studio is an exciting tool. While it’s still in beta, it has a lot of potential.


Kajabi’s AI Creator Hub offers free AI tools to help you create and sell online courses. While some of the tools, such as the course outline generator, are pretty useful, others, the like landing page copy generator, aren’t as useful.

But despite any limitations, Kajabi has taken a great first step by bringing AI to more creators.

Kajabi has a few powerful tools, such as the Course Generator and the Content Assistant, that are available only within the Kajabi platform.

If you’d like to try out these AI tools, sign up for a free trial and start creating courses with AI today!

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section below.

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