Mighty Networks Courses Guide: Everything You Need to Know (2024)

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Mighty Networks is one of the best platforms for building an online community, and you can also use it to create online courses.

Still, does the course builder have all the necessary features? How easy is it to create a course on Mighty Networks? And how exactly do you create an online course on Mighty Networks?

To answer these questions, we’ve created an in-depth Mighty Networks Courses guide. We’ll cover all you need to know about creating and launching a course on the platform, including available features and step-by-step instructions.

What Is Mighty Networks Courses?

Mighty Networks Courses is the platform’s tool for creating and hosting online courses inside your community. You can use it to build structured online courses with sections and lessons and add multiple types of content, including videos, text, PDFs, quizzes, and embeds.

Mighty Networks’ landing page
Mighty Networks’ landing page

Since the platform takes a community-first approach, meaning its main emphasis is on creating an online community, your course will live inside your community.

Only community members can join a course, which makes the experience different from traditional online course platforms. This makes Mighty Networks a great option for creating cohort courses, which require live components, e.g., group management tools, live sessions, and a thriving community.

The platform is also an excellent fit for creators who want to build a community-based membership site or add courses to engage their community members.

As far as pricing is concerned, the course builder isn’t available on the entry-level Community plan but only on the Business plan ($119/month) and above.

With this overview in mind, let’s explore all the course creation tools available on the platform.

A Closer Look at Mighty Networks Courses

In this section, we’ll go into the details of what Mighty Networks Courses can do for you and help you figure out whether it will meet your needs.

Let’s start with the course builder. Mighty Networks’ course builder is straightforward to use. You can easily create lessons and sections to add and organize your course material.

The builder supports drag-and-drop functionality, so you can easily move lessons or entire sections and reorder them.

Mighty Networks’ course builder
Mighty Networks’ course builder

Now, adding content to the lessons is simple with Mighty Networks’ HTML lesson editor. The lesson editor allows you to add text content, videos, audio, downloadable files, and even external embeds. It also gives you the flexibility to add as many content types in the same lesson as you want.

Mighty Networks lets you add multiple content types in the same lesson
Mighty Networks lets you add multiple content types in the same lesson

On the downside, the course builder doesn’t have a bulk upload functionality, so you’ll need to upload each lesson individually.

Apart from video/test lessons, Mighty Networks lets you add quizzes to your courses with multiple-choice questions, and you can also set a passing score.

Mighty Networks course quizzes
Mighty Networks course quizzes

However, Mighty Networks doesn’t support other learning tools like assignments or certificates.

On the plus side, Mighty Networks offers a few powerful tools for content delivery:

  • You can drip content instead of releasing all of it at once.
  • You can schedule your lessons and release them on specific dates.
  • You can require students to go through the lessons in a linear fashion.
  • You can require students to actually watch the video to mark it complete.

One of the platform’s highlights is that you can add different community features to your courses. For instance, you can add a discussion feed, a live events section, or a group chat (we’ll show you how to do it later).

This is how most Mighty Networks creators use the platform to deliver online courses, i.e., by adding community components.

We also like the course player because it’s well-designed, with the navigation on the left and the content area on the right. Below the content area, there’s a comments area and an option to mark a lesson complete.

Mighty Networks course player
Mighty Networks course player

The only issue we’ve found is that when students click on a lesson, it first opens in a slide-out window, requiring an extra click to open the full course player.

Your members can also use the Mighty Networks apps to watch courses and interact with the community. The player is optimized for mobile devices and has a good overall experience.

Watching courses in mobile apps
Watching courses in mobile apps

Finally, Mighty Networks offers an analytics feature for tracking your course performance and students’ progress. It lets you see the list of course members and their activity, such as when they last interacted with your course, as well as your top-performing lessons and average completion rates.

Overall, Mighty Networks has a decent course builder that differs from traditional course builders in the sense that it’s not necessarily meant to create assessment-based courses but more of an active learning environment that combines course content with discussions and virtual events.

Mighty Networks has also introduced a collection of AI-based tools collectively known as Mighty Co-Host. These tools can assist you with various aspects of the course creation process. For example, you can:

  • Generate a course outline based on a short description of your course, and the platform will also automatically turn them into sections and lessons in the builder.
  • Use the AI assistant to improve your lesson content. It can help you fix grammar, make the content tighter, or elaborate on something.

Steps to Create an Online Course in Mighty Networks

Now, let’s create a Mighty Course together.

First, we need to find a place to add our course, meaning we need to create a new space.

In the bottom left part of the screen, click Create a Space, and this will show you the option to choose a pre-built template or start from scratch.

Mighty Networks course templates
Mighty Networks course templates

Based on the type of course you want to create, you can choose the following templates:

  • A Cohort Course: Community-based learning environment
  • A Content Course: Members go through your course at their own pace

These templates have course-specific features enabled by default, which makes the course creation process simple and straightforward.

For this guide, we’ll choose the Cohort Course template because it has several elements: Table of Contents, Feed, and Members.

Once you select the template, you can add additional features, add a course title and tagline, assign it to a Collection, and set its privacy.

Add basic information about your course
Add basic information about your course

On the next screen, you’ll see the option to set up your payment method and charge for access, invite members, or view the space.

We’ll come back to the first two options later, but for now, we want to customize our course in the space we’ve created.

At the top center of the Space, you’ll see the default template elements:

  • Course Community: A feed where you and your students can add discussion posts, questions, and polls
  • Course Materials: The curriculum page where you’ll add course material, and your students can access them
  • Discovery: A page where you can add and highlight the most important content, including popular posts, live-stream recordings, and more
  • Members: A list of all members that have joined your course
A cohort course space
A cohort course space

Before adding content to our course, we must mention that all spaces in Mighty Networks are created equal, and you can turn features on/off based on your preferences.

For example, you can enable events and group chat sections in your course space and disable the Discovery page. To do that, click the gear icon next to the space name and then go to Features, and turn on/off the features.

Enable and disable Space features
Enable and disable Space features

If you’d like to learn more about setting up a community, you should check out our Mighty Networks tutorial.

To start adding content to your course, click on Course Materials, and you’ll enter the curriculum builder, also known as Table of Contents in Mighty Networks. This page consists of three elements: an overview, lessons, and sections.

In the overview section, you can add an introduction to the course. Lessons are where you add your content, while sections let you group your lessons logically.

Table of contents
Table of contents

Start by creating a new section and adding a name to it, and then you can move on to creating lessons by clicking Add Lesson.

Another way to structure your course content in Mighty Networks is with Mighty Co-Host.

The AI-based tool can assist you in swiftly generating an outline for your course, which it can then duplicate in the builder automatically. Afterward, you can proceed to add content to your lessons as you typically would.

Generating a course outline with Mighty Co-Host
Generating a course outline with Mighty Co-Host

To start adding content, hover over the lesson name and click the Edit Lesson icon. This will open the lesson editor, where you can add text-based content, upload videos, images, downloadable files, and much more.

Mighty Networks lesson editor
Mighty Networks lesson editor

Below the content area, you’ll see Lessons Settings. From here, you can control how you want to release your content.

Click Manage Lesson Settings to open the settings page.

Manage lesson settings
Manage lesson settings

First, you’ll see Unlock Options:

  • None: All lessons are available to all students
  • Sequential: A student must complete a lesson before moving to the next one (a handy feature for creating a linear learning path)
  • Timed: Release the lesson a specific number of days after enrollment (useful for dripping your content)
  • Scheduled: All students can access a lesson on a specific date (useful for cohort courses)

Additionally, you can choose what a student should do to complete a lesson, e.g., click a button, visit it, or watch a video.

Lesson unlock and completion settings
Lesson unlock and completion settings

This is how you create a lesson. You can continue building your course by following the same steps to add more lessons and content.

You can also a quiz to your course in a similar way. Scroll to the bottom of the curriculum builder, and click on Create  Create Quiz.

Add a quiz to your course
Add a quiz to your course

You can then add questions to your quiz and manage other settings, such as pass score and dripping.

Now, let’s discuss how to monetize your course in Mighty Networks. To do that, go to your course, and click on the gear icon next to its name. This will open Space Settings and then go to Payments → Space Plans → Create Plan.

Here, you should select the spaces you want to include in your pricing plan. For example, you can sell your course only or bundle it with your community to create a paid membership.

Creating a plan for your course space
Creating a plan for your course space

In terms of pricing options, Mighty Networks allows you to make your course free, set a one-time fee, or charge a monthly or yearly subscription.

It’s also possible to select the platform on which users can purchase a plan, including web, Android, and iOS devices.

That’s it. Your course is now ready, and you can start inviting people to it.


We’ve come to the end of our Mighty Networks courses guide. We gave you an overview of the platform’s course builder and also showed the steps to create a course there.

Mighty Networks is a great way to start building your community and complement it with an online course. This combination is ideal for cohort courses and membership communities.

If you haven’t signed up for Mighty Networks, start a free trial to start using the Courses feature.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Are you using Mighty Networks? What type of course do you want to deliver through the platform? Leave a comment and let us know.

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