Mighty Networks App 2024: What It Is, How It Works & More

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Mighty Networks is a top online community platform that has all the tools to help you launch your community and engage your members. And its mobile app really makes it stand out among the competition.

But how can you get the app? How does it work on the members’ end? Does it support any admin features?

This in-depth Mighty Networks app guide will answer all these questions. We’ll also share our firsthand experience with the app and tell you what to expect when using it.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

What Is the Mighty Networks App?

Mighty Networks’ app is a mobile app that allows end users to access the communities built on the platform. The app works on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to participate in their favorite communities regardless of where they are.

The mobile app allows members to participate in multiple ways:

  • Create discussion posts
  • Chat with other community members
  • Join live streams
  • Watch online courses
  • And more

A streamlined experience across devices is the perfect recipe for increasing community engagement, and Mighty Networks has done a fantastic job of enabling that experience with its app.

Mighty Networks mobile app
Mighty Networks mobile app

However, the platform’s app isn’t just for your members. It also allows you to manage your community.

Using the app, you can do almost everything that you can do on the web version, including creating and managing spaces, scheduling events, creating Mighty courses, adding pricing plans, etc.

The app is available to all Mighty Networks community owners with an active plan, and members can use it for free. The app is enabled for all communities by default, and you don’t have to do anything to enable it.

Now, let’s see what the app looks like and how it works.

Besides the free app, Mighty Networks allows you to create a white-label app, which is available only on Mighty Pro.

Feature-wise, a white-labeled community app supports most things the free app does. The difference between these two is mainly the fact that a white-label app belongs to the creators and will be published under the brand’s name.

So, if you want to offer a fully branded experience to your members, you should consider using the app white-labeling option.

Mighty Networks App Interface

Mighty Networks’ app has an intuitive interface, and the whole experience is optimized for mobile devices.

The app has a slide-out menu where you’ll find all community spaces and collections. From there, you can navigate among them to see the discussions and other features.

There are also shortcuts at the bottom of the screen that allows you to perform different tasks, such as chatting with members, finding content via the search bar, and accessing your notifications and profile settings.

You will also see a floating pencil icon, which you can use to create a quick post, an event, an article, etc.

Mighty Networks app interface
Mighty Networks app interface

If your members are part of two or more communities on Mighty Networks, they can easily switch between them by clicking the arrow icon at the top-left side of the slide-out menu. If you own multiple communities, you’ll have that same option.

As an admin, the interface is the same, but you’ll see additional options in the app. For example, when you open the slide-out menu, you’ll see the option to create a space, manage network settings, etc.

While the interface of the Mighty Networks app is different from the web platform’s interface, the user experience is quite similar.

Overall, the app scores brownie points for supporting all features from the web version, but it occasionally has slow loading times for the same reason.

How Does the Mighty Networks App Work for Members?

Now, let’s discuss how you and your members can get the app.

Your members can find the app by visiting the Android/iOS app store and searching for “Mighty Networks.”

Alternatively, they can use the Text Me the App feature from their accounts to get a text with the app’s download link.

Before they can log into their community, they’ll see two options:

  1. Find yours: Here, your members can enter their email to get a list of all communities they are a part of.
  2. Find a Mighty Network: This option will let them search through all the Mighty Networks communities by name.

Once they find their community, they can log into their account by entering their email and password. They’ll only have to log in once, and the app will remember their credentials for future use.

Mighty Networks app login experience
Mighty Networks app login experience

However, this is one area where the experience needs to improve. The users have to go through multiple steps to access their accounts and by extension, their communities. Ideally, it should just require them to enter their email address and allow logging in using an OTP or magic link.

The first thing your members will see when they open the app is the feed. They can view all the content in your network and interact with it via comments and likes.

If your settings allow members to add content, they can create new posts, add polls, and ask questions by clicking the pencil icon in the bottom right of the screen.

This will open the post editor, where they create a Quick Post and add text to it.

They can also add images and videos by clicking the Image icon at the bottom of the screen. From here, they’ll have the option to add GIFs and hashtags to their content.

Adding content from the app
Adding content from the app

They can also change the post type to a question or poll. They can do that by clicking on Quick Post at the top of the screen and selecting a post type.

Select a post type
Select a post type

Apart from interacting with the content and creating discussion posts, your members can also watch courses in the app. To access a course, they need to open the slide-out (navigation) menu and click on the course space.

Upon selecting the course, they’ll see all Course Material in one tab and Discussion in the other. They can easily navigate through course lessons from here and watch the videos and other content.

Watching courses in the app
Watching courses in the app

The app also allows members to manage their notifications, which they can access by going to the Personal Settings option from the slide-out menu or by clicking on their profile image.

From here, they can go to Notifications and set their preferred notification method (email and push notifications) and the activity they want to be notified about.

Managing community notifications
Managing community notifications

This is how the app works for end-users. Now, let’s go through the options available to admins.

How Does the App Work for Admins?

As mentioned before, Mighty Networks makes all the admin settings available in the app. That means you can add new spaces and collections, create pricing plans, and change network settings.

Unfortunately, adding a Space on the app isn’t the most straightforward process. There are multiple steps and dozens of settings, and the options can be extremely slow to load.

Creating a space through the app
Creating a space through the app

You can build your entire course in the app, but it will be more cumbersome and slower than doing it in the web app.

As a result, we don’t suggest using the app to set up your Mighty network.

Obviously, you can use it to engage with your members on the go by creating new discussion posts and live streams and responding to comments and mentions.

Performing tasks like these is very simple in the app, so no complaints there.


All in all, the Mighty Networks app offers a good member experience. It makes it easy to access your community and engage with it on the go.

The app also brings all the admin functionalities to mobile screens. While it can be used to build your community, the experience is far from perfect, and we recommend using it only for making small changes here and there.

The app is free to use, but you’ll need to be subscribed to a Mighty Networks plan, and if you’re not already using this community builder, you can try it for free.

We hope you like our guide about the Mighty Networks app, and if you have any doubts or questions about it, we’re here to help. Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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