Mighty Networks Pricing: Everything You Need to Know (2024)

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Are you interested in Mighty Networks but unsure about the pricing? If so, this guide is for you.

Mighty Networks is a fantastic option for building your community, delivering courses, and offering memberships all in one place.

Since creators often have questions about pricing, we created this guide keeping all those queries into consideration.

This Mighty Networks pricing guide will assist you in determining if the platform’s pricing fits your budget and help you select the most suitable plan for your needs.

Let’s begin with an overview of the plans.

How Much Does Mighty Networks Cost?

Mighty Networks offers three pricing plans. Below is a table with monthly and annual pricing for each plan.

Community Plan$39/month$33/month
Business Plan$119/month$99/month
Mighty ProNACustom

If you select a yearly plan, you’ll receive two months free. However, we recommend starting with a monthly plan and switching to an annual plan once you’re comfortable with the platform.

Besides the subscription cost, Mighty Networks also charges a transaction fee—3% on the Community plan and 2% on the Business plan and Mighty Pro.

This is one thing that we don’t like about Mighty Networks’ pricing. While a transaction fee is fine on the lower tier, it doesn’t make sense for the more expensive plans.

Also, you should know that Mighty Networks doesn’t have a free plan. However, they provide a 14-day free trial for both the Community and Business plans. And the good thing is that no credit card details are required to initiate your trial.

Now, let’s go through each plan in detail.

How Do Mighty Networks’ Pricing Plans Compare?

In this section, we will delve into the key features offered by Mighty Networks’ pricing plans and provide our recommendations on when to choose one plan over another.

Community Plan: $39/month

As the name suggests, the Community plan provides all the core community features available on the platform.

With this plan, you can add spaces to organize your community and create various content types, including posts, articles, quizzes, and polls. You also get other features like:

  • Native video uploads
  • Online and offline events
  • Native livestreaming
  • Group chats and direct messaging
  • Member directory
  • Use a custom domain
  • Charge for community access

Additionally, your members can download and access your community through the Mighty Networks iOS and Android apps, making community engagement easier.

The best part about the Community plan, however, is that you can add unlimited spaces, hosts, moderators, and members to your network. This unique offering from Mighty Networks is unmatched by any other major community builder.

It’s important to remember that Mighty Networks is first an online community software, and you get all the core features on the lower tier itself.

So, if you simply want to build a standalone online community, the Community plan will work well for you.

Business Plan: $119/month

The Business Plan incorporates all of the Community Plan’s features and several additional community-building tools:

  • Third-party integrations—Zapier, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel
  • Export community members’ data, including email addresses
  • Access to Mighty Insights for reporting and analytics

Apart from additional features, this plan also raises some limits and reduces the transaction fee:

Livestreaming hours/month520
Viewers per stream50200
Total storage250 GB1 TB
Transaction fee3%2%

Mighty Networks’ Business plan includes all the platform features and provides generous limits, making it the most popular plan.

Overall, the Business plan is suitable for creators who want to build an online community while also offering online courses and memberships.

Mighty Pro: Custom Pricing

Now, there’s another plan known as Mighty Pro. The cost of this plan varies from creator to creator, as the platform’s team provides custom quotes. However, the expected cost is in the range of $30K/year.

The main benefit of the Mighty Pro plan is white-labeled iOS and Android mobile apps for your community, making it a premium solution.

Their team will build a custom app and publish it on your behalf on Google Play Store and App Store.

Apart from branded community apps, Mighty Pro comes with support for single sign-on integrations, premium support, and an exclusive community for hosts.

So, this plan is best for established creators who want everything, including mobile apps, under their brand.

Engagement Boosts

Besides these plans, you can purchase Engagement Boosts. These serve as add-ons for buying extra storage and livestreaming hours and allowing more participants in livestreams.

Engagement boosts offer five different options known as Engagement Boost levels.

Starting with the first level, you can choose 500 participants/livestream, 30 livestreaming hours/month, and 2TB storage for $35/month.

The topmost level offers 10,000 participants, 70+ livestreaming hours, and 6 TB storage, while the price is available upon request.

There are three more levels between these two, so you can select one for your requirements and budget.

Mighty Networks Engagement Boosts

Is Mighty Networks Expensive?

Mighty Networks’ pricing is often compared to its top competitors, such as Circle and Kajabi.

With Circle, the entry-level plan costs $49/month (+4% transaction fee). Its most popular plan costs $99/month (+2% fee) and is comparable to Mighty Networks’ Business plan.

While Circle is better than Mighty Networks regarding features, Mighty Networks is a more affordable option.

Its entry-level plan is cheaper, and unlike Circle, the platform doesn’t limit the number of members, hosts, moderators, and spaces in your network.

Mighty NetworksCircle
Community limits on Mighty Networks’ Business plan vs Circle’s professional plan

The next competitor in line is Kajabi, which, unlike Mighty Networks, goes beyond creating courses and communities. It also includes features for building websites, podcasts, blogs, marketing funnels, and email marketing so that you can run your entire business on the platform.

Kajabi has much more to offer, and it is also more expensive. Kajabi’s pricing starts from $149/month, and the most popular plan costs $199/month, even though it doesn’t charge a transaction fee.

Kajabi’s Pricing

Kajabi and Mighty Networks are two very different platforms, and it won’t be possible to compare their pricing plans on a one-to-one basis.

In conclusion, Mighty Networks is quite reasonably priced. As long as you are certain it’s the right platform, you can be assured that the pricing is fair.

Mighty Networks Pricing – Final Thoughts

Mighty Networks pricing is pretty straightforward, and most creators go with the Community or Business plan.

If you just want to host your community on Mighty Networks, the Community plan will be right for you. On the other hand, if you also want to create online courses, you should go for the Business plan.

Mighty Pro and its branded mobile apps are more suited for enterprise clients, and most creators won’t need them.

We hope this pricing guide helped you understand Mighty Networks’ pricing and choose the right plan. If you want to try the platform, you can start a 14-day free trial by clicking the button below.

If you still have any questions about Mighty Networks or its plans, comment below, and we’ll be happy to answer.

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