Uscreen Pricing 2023: What’s the Right Plan For You?

Uscreen Pricing 2022: What’s the Right Plan For You?

Are you interested in Uscreen but unsure of its pricing and plans?

Uscreen is one of the best membership site platforms on the market, and thousands of creators use it to run their video on-demand (VOD) businesses.

We often get asked by our readers: how much does Uscreen cost? Is it expensive? How to choose the right plan?

So, in this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Uscreen pricing and help you pick the right plan for your business.

Keep reading to find the perfect plan for you.

Uscreen Pricing Plans Overview

Currently, Uscreen offers three pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Basic Plan: $99/month
  • Growth Plan: $199/month
  • Uscreen Plus: Custom pricing available on request

If you sell subscriptions, there’s an additional cost of $0.50/subscriber/month on top of the monthly fee. There is also a 5% transaction fee on sales of one-time products such as video rentals. Uscreen calls it a “TVOD fee.”

Instead of choosing a monthly plan, you can opt to pay your subscription annually, which gives you a saving of 20%.

Uscreen pricing plans
Uscreen pricing plans

All subscription plans have access to the platform’s core features, which include the video catalog, monetization and marketing tools, and the website builder.

Therefore, the real difference between the plans lies in the video storage capacity, the branded apps feature, and the available integrations.

With this in mind, let’s get into the specifics of each pricing plan.

Uscreen Basic Plan and Who Should Use It?

Uscreen’s Basic plan is the platform’s entry-level offering. It costs $99 per month, and in addition to the monthly fee, you’re also charged $0.50 per subscriber each month.

With this plan, you’ll be able to create a web-based video membership site with up to 50 hours of video content that you can organize into collections, series, and episodes.

The other included core features are unlimited subscribers, video streaming, and the possibility of accepting payments from all major providers.

With this plan, you’ll also have access to significant customization features, including the ability to use your own custom domain and tools for crafting the perfect website, sales pages, and checkout.

Uscreen’s Basic plan and what it includes
Uscreen’s Basic plan and what it includes

Unfortunately, this plan is limited in several ways:

  • It allows you to store 50 hours of video content, which may not be enough for many creators.
  • Community and livestreaming aren’t supported.
  • It doesn’t offer chat support. Only email support is available.
  • It supports limited third-party integrations. The biggest miss is Zapier integration, which is almost a must-have for businesses.

So, the Basic plan gives you the essential features to build a web-based OTT site. If you’re just getting started and have a lower budget, you can start on this plan.

Uscreen Growth Plan and Who Should Use It?

The second plan that Uscreen offers is the Growth plan. It costs $199 per month and still charges you $0.50 per month for each subscriber.

The key difference between the Basic and Growth plans is that this option gives you 150 hours of video storage, the community feature, and chat support.

Uscreen’s Growth plan and what it includes
Uscreen’s Growth plan and what it includes

The number of possible integrations also increases with this plan as you get access to the Zapier integration and webhooks. Additionally, you get eCommerce and affiliate tool integrations.

Plan-wise Uscreen integrations
Plan-wise Uscreen integrations

If you’re scaling your OTT business and require more video storage and third-party integrations, then the Growth plan will be your best option.

The only drawback with this plan is that it doesn’t include native apps, so if you’re looking to create mobile apps or Smart TV apps, you’ll need to explore the Plus plan.

Uscreen Plus Plan and Who Should Use It?

Uscreen Plus is the most comprehensive plan offered by the company. However, the pricing for this solution isn’t publicly disclosed, and you’ll have to schedule a call or book a demo to find out.

The final pricing is determined by the specific features you require, the amount of help you need, and the level of customization.

The biggest draw of this plan is the ability to get branded membership apps. These are native apps for mobile devices and smart TVs, are completely white-label and support in-app purchases.

Uscreen Plus supports apps for the following devices:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Android TV

Once your membership site is set up, the Uscreen team will create the requested apps. It’s a done-for-you service, and they will take care of your apps’ ongoing updates and maintenance.

Uscreen’s Plus plan and what it includes
Uscreen’s Plus plan and what it includes

Additionally, this plan will allow you to do livestreams and chat with your members. This feature will be important if you want to go beyond building an on-demand video platform.

Other key features of this plan are public API access, a dedicated account manager, support for your end-users, and an unlimited number of admin accounts.

If you’re an established creator or brand looking to build a white-label video streaming platform available across devices, then Uscreen Plus is the right plan for you.

How Does Uscreen Pricing Compare With Competitors?

Uscreen has two main OTT platform competitors—Vimeo OTT and Muvi.

While Vimeo is primarily a video hosting platform, it also has a product for video membership sites called Vimeo OTT.

Vimeo OTT’s starter plan does not have a monthly fee. Instead, it charges you $1 per month per subscriber and a 10% transaction fee on one-time purchases.

Vimeo OTT pricing plans
Vimeo OTT pricing plans

Although the pricing seems attractive, it comes with some serious drawbacks:

  • The Starter plan doesn’t support full HD (1080p) video playback.
  • The plan includes only one hour of free video storage. After that, you’ll need to pay an additional cost for more storage, starting at $99 for 10 hours of video storage.
Vimeo OTT Starter plan’s video storage limits
Vimeo OTT Starter plan’s video storage limits

The next plan is the Growth plan. It costs $500/month billed annually, in addition to the $1 per subscriber monthly fee.

The important thing to note is that you don’t have a monthly payment option. Instead, you’ll have to pay for the entire year ($6,000) upfront, which is a significant amount.

For more features such as custom apps, white-labeling, and public API, you’ll need the Enterprise plan. Vimeo doesn’t publicly disclose the price, and you’ll have to book a call with their team to get a quote.

When compared to Uscreen, Vimeo OTT is more expensive. Plus, it has significantly higher upfront costs due to the annual billing method.

The second video streaming service competitor is Muvi.

The platform’s entry-level plan is the Standard plan which costs $399 per month. So while you don’t need to pay any transaction fees, you’ll have to pay an extra $299 per month per OTT app.

Unlike Uscreen, Muvi puts a limit on video streaming bandwidth and the number of concurrent users. On the Standard plan, you can have up to 2,000 concurrent users and 1TB video hosting bandwidth.

This is the cheapest subscription option, which is clearly a lot higher than Uscreen’s Basic plan.

If you need more bandwidth and users, you’ll need to upgrade to the next level, which costs $1499/month.

Muvi pricing plans
Muvi pricing plans

Overall, Uscreen is more reasonably priced than Muvi and Vimeo OTT, and the plans are also more flexible.


In this Uscreen pricing guide, we discussed the platform’s subscription plans in detail. We also compared its pricing to its main competitors’ pricing.

Uscreen isn’t just more reasonably priced than competitors but also has flexible pricing plans, which should work for everyone. Here’s a quick summary of the plans:

  • Basic Plan: $99/month. Give you the core features like video catalog, website builder, and video monetization tools. Best for beginners.
  • Growth Plan: $199/month. Gives you 150 hours of video storage, community feature, third-party integrations, and chat support. Great for scaling your OTT service.
  • Uscreen Plus: Custom pricing. Gives you white-label OTT apps, livestreaming, and public API. Best for established creators and brands.

If you want to try the platform for free, head to Uscreen’s website, choose a plan and start your free trial.

We hope that our Uscreen pricing guide helped you make an informed decision.

If you’re still unsure or have any questions, comment below. We’d love to help!

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