11 Uscreen Examples: VOD Websites & Apps to Inspire You

Real-life Uscreen examples

Uscreen is undoubtedly one of the best membership site platforms.

It offers various features, including catalog creation, video monetization, live streaming, website building, and native apps.

Whether you’re evaluating the platform or looking for inspiration, we compiled a list of eleven unique Uscreen examples that showcase the platform’s possibilities.

The websites belong to different niches, including fitness, sports, education, and music, and they’ll provide you with some interesting ideas that you can implement into your business.

Let’s dive in and see them.

1. Jump Sport Fitness TV

The company behind this site is Jump Sport, a US-based company that offers backyard and fitness trampolines.

In addition to its physical products business, the company also started Jump Sport Fitness TV, a video membership site that offers at-home trampoline workouts.

After joining, you’ll have access to their complete video catalog containing more than 200 workouts from over 20 qualified instructors.

Customers can sign up by subscribing to their monthly or annual plan, which costs $9.99 or $69.99, respectively.

Jump Sport Fitness TV’s subscription offerings
Jump Sport Fitness TV’s subscription offerings

Uscreen is one of the best platforms for building a video on demand (VOD) business. It has powerful features for hosting video content, catalog creation, and content monetization.

2. iChuze Fitness

iChuze Fitness offers a whole range of online fitness and meditation classes that members can do at home.

It offers new members a seven-day free trial before having to commit to the $5.99 monthly subscription fee.

The company utilizes the branded app feature offered by Uscreen, so members can follow the classes in whichever format they prefer.

It currently offers native membership apps on the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • AppleTV
  • Roku
  • AndroidTV
  • Fire TV
  • Apple Watch

Additionally, it offers the option to pair your app with an Apple Watch, so you can have access to a fitness tracker.

As health trackers grow in popularity, this is an excellent feature that you can offer your members.

iChuze Fitness’ native app offerings
iChuze Fitness’ native app offerings

Uscreen’s Native OTT Apps are one of the most attractive offerings of the platform, but they’re only available on the highest pricing tier.

3. SquashSkills

SquashSkills is a hybrid business that offers both in-person coaching camps and virtual coaching.

Its main offering, virtual coaching, is a subscription-based membership focused on improving squash skills, and it does so by providing videos from leading squash experts.

Squash Skills’ homepage
Squash Skills’ homepage

Users can access the material via the web app and the branded membership apps, which are available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Unlike the previous Uscreen example, SquashSkills doesn’t offer any smart TV apps. This is because the content is best consumed when at the court or on the move, instead of on a TV at home.

This is another great feature of Uscreen, which offers you the option to choose the platforms you want to launch your membership apps on.

4. Sqadia.com

Sqadia is a membership site that offers online courses to medical students and physicians.

The site hosts over 1,800 videos that are organized into dozens of courses, each covering a different topic. It also uses Uscreen’s community feature to offer their members a forum to engage and help each other whilst learning.

In addition to this, the website is extremely clean and easy to navigate.

For example, when browsing their catalog, you’ll see a featured section at the top and all the content organized into categories. You can also filter the catalog by author or category, which makes for a great user experience.

Sqadia’s catalog page
Sqadia’s catalog page

This example shows how Uscreen allows you to effectively organize your video catalog. You can use the Collections feature to organize videos into playlists or courses, and you can further assign categories to your videos and collections to make it easier for users to discover your content.

So, if you’re looking for a way to organize a vast content library in an easy-to-navigate way, you should check out Sqadia.

5. FaderPro

FaderPro is an eLearning company dedicated to helping DJs and producers improve their skills.

Students can choose to either join the FaderPro Producers Club—which is a monthly subscription—or to purchase individual courses.

Subscribers have access to all 140 courses as well as live streams and events, whereas customers that purchase individual courses will only have access to those videos.

FaderPro Producer Club’s landing page
FaderPro Producer Club’s landing page

Although Uscreen wasn’t specifically designed to be an online course platform, it does have features that enable you to create and sell simple video courses.

In addition to the subscription pricing models that the platform supports, you can sell individual videos, video collections, and even video rentals.

6. TINT Yoga

TINT Yoga is a business focused on providing yoga training, and it revolves around a subscription and an academy that members can join.

The membership gives subscribers access to on demand yoga training, live streams, and special events, whereas the academy offers one-off courses for yoga teachers.

Moreover, consumers can watch the content on a range of mobile and TV apps.

Home yoga is perfectly suited to be streamed on a TV, and fortunately,  Uscreen supports this, making it the best yoga on demand platform.

TINT Yoga’s website has an attractive design, the homepage looks clean and modern, and it has some beautifully designed page sections.

TINT Yoga’s homepage
TINT Yoga’s homepage

This has been made possible thanks to Uscreen’s library of site themes and a drag-and-drop page builder, which allows you to build an attractive website.

7. KweliTV

KweliTV is a platform whose self-described mission is to “curate and create content that is a true reflection of the global Black experience.”

It does so by providing subscribers with hundreds of hours of content that celebrates black and amplifies the voices of black storytellers from around the world.

In addition to the on-demand content, it also has a live-stream TV channel that airs programs 24 hours a day.

To access the live stream you don’t have to be a paid subscriber. However, it has ads and you can only watch it on their website.

To get an ad-free experience and the ability to stream via native apps you have to become a member. This costs $5.99 per month or $49.99 as a one-off if you opt to pay annually.

KweliTV’s homepage
KweliTV’s homepage

KweliTV has managed to provide this live TV experience to its audience thanks to Uscreen’s Plus plan.

For VOD businesses looking for a way to incorporate a free live tv channel in addition to their content library, KweliTV is a great website to look at.

8. VT+ Membership

VT+ is an online education company that provides academic solutions to students, parents, and schools.

One of its core products is a learning membership, which provides students with 1-on-1 tutoring, live classes, interactive learning tools, and assessments.

Currently, the membership price starts from $269 per month when signing up for a year, and $299 for a six-month membership.

These memberships give students access to four hours of tutoring per month, unlimited live classes, and access to assessments and progress monitoring.

Varsity Tutors’ learning membership plans
Varsity Tutors’ learning membership plans

As the company is focused on US students, it has decided to block visitors from many countries, meaning that people in those regions are unable to access the content.

In fact, Uscreen gives website owners the ability to block entire countries from accessing their website or content. For owners who may want to distribute media in one country but not another, it’s a great feature to have.

9. Art For Kids Hub

Art For Kids Hub is a massive YouTube channel with over six million subscribers that has also built its own video on demand platform using Uscreen.

It offers fun and creative art lessons that cover drawing, painting, origami, and cutouts.

What makes this example unique is that it doesn’t create  exclusive content for its VOD platform. Rather, it uses pre-existing YouTube videos and makes them available in an ads-free format through Uscreen.

Art For Kids Hubs offer its YouTube videos ad-free through Uscreen
Art For Kids Hubs offer its YouTube videos ad-free through Uscreen

So, if you have a YouTube channel with a big following, you can use Uscreen to create a video membership site.

A Uscreen feature that the company makes use of is Gift Cards. Since the website’s purpose is targeted at providing fun lessons to children, it is a perfect gift for them to receive.

You can purchase two types of gift cards: either a monthly or annual subscription, or one with a set custom amount that can be spent on their website.

10. Maryland Symphony Orchestra

Traditionally, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra (MSO) hosts in-person events. However, it has recently expanded to offer all of its concerts via live stream through Uscreen.

Not only is this a fantastic way to increase audience accessibility but it’s also a way to grow your business’ reach.

MSO makes some of its content available for free, while for others, you’ll need to buy a subscription plan.

It also has native apps for mobile phones and smart TVs, allowing subscribers to stream the concert on their preferred devices.

MSO’s Uscreen homepage
MSO’s Uscreen homepage

Therefore, even in-person events business can benefit from Uscreen and transform into an OTT platform.

11. WP TV

WP TV is focused on providing video content to Christians that want to strengthen their relationship with God.

The types of content that subscribers can access include movies, shows, interviews, and documentaries.

WP TV offers a free 7-day trial for potential customers, after which they can subscribe to a monthly plan, annual, or lifetime plan, which cost $9.99, $99.99, and $350, respectively.

WP TV’s Homepage
WP TV’s Homepage

Uscreen is used by businesses in all niches, including faith and spirituality. So, if you operate in this niche, WP TV will be a good example to look at.


That’s the complete round-up of our eleven Uscreen examples. We hope that we’ve provided you with inspiration and fresh ideas for you to implement.

If you’re looking to learn more about the platform, you should check out our complete Uscreen Review article.

Or, if you want to give the platform a try, you can start a 14-day free trial by clicking on the button below.

Which Uscreen examples did you like the most? What would you like to implement on your own video membership site?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

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