40+ Top Patreon Statistics 2024: Creators, Earnings & More

Patreon was launched in 2013 with the aim of making it easy for artists and creators to make money. Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to receive direct funding from their fans, also known as patrons.

Patreon is now one of the leading creator platforms in the subscription economy. It keeps growing and empowering a  new generation of creators to make a living from their passion.

As per the latest data, Patreon had more than 8 million patrons and more than 250,000+ creators, who generated over $3.5 billion in revenue to date.

Patreon continues to grow as a subscription platform that empowers podcasters, video creators, musicians, and more. If you’re thinking of using the platform for your work, you’ll find this list of the most recent Patreon statistics useful.

Patreon Statistics (Highlights)

  • As of March 2022, 250k+ creators are using the Patreon platform.
  • There are more than 8 million active patrons from 200+ countries.
  • To date, Patreon has paid a total of $3.5 billion to creators.
  • Patreon has raised a total funding of $412 million, and the company was last valued at $4 billion.
  • Patreon’s estimated revenue was $120 million in 2021, an increase of 50% from 2020.

Patreon Supporter Statistics

Patrons pay a subscription fee to creators to acquire privileges as members in exchange for support. These contributions form the backbone of Patreon’s financial model and make it one of the shining stars in the creator economy.

Here are some important statistics about Patreon supporters:

  1. Patreon has more than 8 million patrons who actively support creators.
  2. Over the last year, the number of Patreon users has increased by 33%. 
  3. The number of patrons has increased almost twofold in the last two years.
Number of Patreon Supporters
  1. Together, the 8 million patrons have made 13.1 million individual pledges of support. 
  2. Patrons spend an average of $12 per month to support creators, while the average amount per pledge is $6. 

Patreon Creator Statistics

Creators are the most important part of the Patreon ecosystem. They are the ones who acquire fans and produce engaging content. 

Here are some Patreon creator statistics:

  1. There are more than 250,000+ creators on the platform.
  2. Out of these, about 210,000 creators have at least one patron. 
  3. The number of active creators on the platform has increased by more than 50% since March 2020 and almost 400% since 2017. 
Number of Active Patreon Creators
  1. COVID-19 had a positive impact on Patreon’s growth. The number of creators increased from 138,000 in the first week of March 2020 to 173,000 by the end of the month.
  2. In March 2020, the average income for creators was 60% higher than in previous months. 
  3. The combined Twitter follower count of all Patreon creators is around 1.79 billion. 
  4. As of 2021, Patreon has paid a total of $3.5 billion to creators. 
  5. In 2021, the total earnings of creators were $1.5 billion, compared to $1 billion in 2020. 
Patreon Creator Earnings
  1. Only 800 Patreon hosts (0.4% of all creators) are supported by more than 2,000 patrons. 

Top Patreon Creators

Now that you have an idea of Patreon’s scale, here are some of the most popular Patreon pages:

  1. True Crime Obsessed is the most popular creator on Patreon, with around 50,000 active Patrons. 
  2. The Tim Dillion Show is the second most popular creator, with 42,000+ patrons and an estimated monthly payout of $216,886. 
  3. The third most popular creator is Maintenance Phase, with over 37,000 patrons. 
True Crime Obsessed49,501
The Tim Dillon Show42,674
Maintenance Phase37,708
Chapo Trap House36,760
Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast31,439
Dungeons and Daddies23,954
TrueAnon Podcast23,663
You’re Wrong About23,565
Top Patreon creators by number of subscribers
  1. DankPods is the top Patreon creator in the video category, with 37,000+ patrons and estimated monthly payouts of about $40,000.

Most Popular Patreon Categories

If you’re thinking of creating content on Patreon, it’s important to know what categories—podcasts, video content, or online communities—perform the best.

Here are some facts and statistics about the most popular categories on Patreon:

  1. Video is the most popular category, with almost 25% of Patreon creators (53,323) belonging to it.
  2. Video, Podcasts, Music, Games, and Writing are the most popular categories on the platform, accounting for more than 50% of Patreon creators. 
  3. All the adult content categories combined make up 24% of Patreon creators (50,000+). 
  4. The top ten Patreon categories have more than 140,000 creators, making up more than 70% of the creator base. 
Adult Drawing & Painting10,534
Drawing & Painting9,222
Adult Video8,156
Adult Comics5,966
Number of Patreon creators (category-wise)
  1. Eight out of the top ten creators on Patreon (by the number of patrons) have created a podcast series. 

Patreon Revenue and Financials

Is Patreon going to keep growing in the coming years? How does Patreon make money? This data can help you make smarter decisions and understand whether or not to invest your time on Patreon. 

Here are some revenue and finance statistics: 

  1. Following the fundraising round conducted in April 2021, Patreon’s valuation sat at $4 billion. This is more than three times its last valuation. 
  2. The April funding round was led by Tiger Global Management, which managed to raise $155 million. 
  3. In the nine years since the membership platform launched, Patreon’s total funding grew to $412 million. 
Seed, August 2013$2.1 million
Series A, June 2014$15 million
Series B, January 2016$30 million
Series C, September 2017$59.4 million
Series D, July 2019$60 million
Series E, September 2020$90 million
Series F, April 2021$155 million
Patreon funding rounds
  1. In 2021, Patreon’s estimated revenue was $120 million. Patreon makes money from the commission it charges the creators and this revenue estimation has been done based on an 8% average commission.
  2. In 2020 and 2019, Patreon’s revenue was $80 million and $50 million respectively, meaning that the company has posted strong revenue growth in recent years. 
YearEstimated Patreon Revenue
2017$12-15 million
2018$30 million
2019$50 million
2020$80 million
2021$120 million
Patreon’s estimated revenue

Patreon Website and App Statistics

In this section, we’ll take a look at some Patreon website and app statistics.

  1. Patreon’s website has a global rank of 535 and ranks 371 in the United States. 
  2. Patreon attracted 89.4 million website visitors in April 2022. 
  3. On average, visitors look at 2.78 pages and spend three minutes per visit on the website. 
  4. The Patreon website has a bounce rate of 58.99%. 
Patreon Website Visitors Statistics
Source: Similar Web
  1. The country sending the most traffic to the Patreon website is the United States (28.53%), followed by the United Kingdom (5.82%), Germany (4.83%), and Canada (3.82%). 
  2. 76.66% of Patreon’s website visitors are male, while 23.34% are female. 
  3. More than 65% of Patreon’s website visitors are between the ages of 18 and 34. 
Patreon Visitors Age Demographics
Source: Similar Web
  1. In April 2022, the Patreon app was downloaded more than 200,000 times from the App Store. 
  2. In April 2022, the app was downloaded more than 100,000 times from the Google Play Store. 
  3. The Patreon app has an average rating of 4.9 stars on the App Store and 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store. 

Miscellaneous Patreon Statistics 

In this section, we’ll take a look at some miscellaneous Patreon stats.

  1. As of December 2021, Patreon employs over 400 employees, but Patreon’s Chief Product Officer said that the company will likely double its number of employees in 2022. 
  2. The average annual salary at Patreon, including base and bonus,  is $149,622 or $71 per hour. 
  3. Legal and Sales are the top two departments, with an average annual salary of $303k and $288k.
Patreon Employee Statistics
Source: Comparably
  1. 78% of Patreon employees say that they’re satisfied with their benefits, while 67% believe they’re paid fairly.
  2. Patreon has a total of 11 patents; it got two in 2021 and four in 2020. 

Patreon’s idea of building a digital patronage system and offering creators an alternative to advertising and other traditional monetization methods has unquestionably taken off. 

These Patreon statistics show that the platform has managed to attract large numbers of both creators and patrons, and there’s no slowing down in sight. 

I hope you enjoyed reading these statistics. If you’re interested in more creator economy statistics, you can check out our Substack Statistics and Clubhouse Statistics articles.

And leave a comment if you’d like to add anything.

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